Affiliate Program FAQ: How Do I Know This is Legit?

How Do I Know This is Legit?

The biggest concerns in considering a new Affiliate Program, are whether or not it is “legit” and whether or not it is worth it.

We can promise you we are legit.

The smiling faces behind SPGFAN are a very real family. We’re here, working as hard as we can, to bring you an entire network dedicated to encouraging amazing family adventure, promoting positive parenting, and empowering the success of small businesses and Parentpreneurs all over the world.

With all this positivity we are sending out into the interwebs, we hope you will find it easy to trust us.

But, we understand we are only a year old, and still a very new company.

Those of you involved in our Beta Affiliate Programs, and those signing up as Founding Members, might be taking a tiny leap of faith to trust us. But, in time, we are confident that our feedback will speak for itself as all of you share YOUR success stories about how SPGFAN added AWESOMENESS to YOUR Family’s Adventures!

Now, is it worth it?

Well, that never comes with a guarantee.

As with all Affiliate Programs, you’re going to get out of this what you put into it.

If you have a strong readership,

If you, yourself, find REAL value in SPGFAN,

And you can communicate that GENUINELY to folks that trust you,

We KNOW you can be successful with us!

We’re trying to keep membership costs as low as possible, and we want you to earn as much as you can!

At the very least, we hope your Affiliate Membership will pay for itself!

And if anyone out there wants to bring in the big bucks, we will do EVERYTHING we can to support you!

The more money YOU make, the more money WE have to put towards our goals of building SPGFAN into something HUGE!

Any tools you need to promote us, we will help you!

Any questions you need to ask, we are here for you!

Let’s do this!