Affiliate Program FAQ: How Do I Spread the SPGFAN Love?

How Do I Spread the SPGFAN Love?

Well, we hope that will be the easy part!

First, and foremost,

We’re looking for folks in Family-Oriented, Family-Friendly Business Genres.

If this sounds like you…


If you have a solid presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest…

If you have your own website and/or blog…

If you have loyal readers and content consumers…

You are a great fit for the SPGFAN Affiliate Program!

We recommend that you start by taking a peek at all the resources we offer here at SPGFAN. Read what’s important to us. Take some time and see how fast we grow, as we add thousands of new resources every single day. Many links might not be active right this second, but, I promise, they will be!

We ARE very much in the development phase, so if you don’t yet find value in what we have here, please do check back.

But, also, keep in mind, the earlier you jump on board, the more lucrative it can be for you in the long run!

But, as you look around, take note of what you see that will bring value to your readers.

Is it the QUIKLISTS for each travel destination?

Is it the Super Cool Lists of Junior Ranger Programs, National Parks, Museums, or Sports Teams?

Is it the ability to share photos and memories in a community of Family Adventurers?

Is it the excitement of winning Contests, Prizes, Promotions, and Giveaways?

Is it because we have multiple avenues to promote Small Businesses and Parentpreneurs?

Or, maybe you know some fellow business-savvy contacts that would benefit from also joining as an Affiliate to earn money with SPGFAN.

Whatever part of what we do that you know would appeal to your readers, TELL THEM ALL ABOUT IT!

Show excitement and enthusiasm!


Invite them to check us out!

And if they like what they see, and if they join at any of the three Membership Levels, then we ALL win!

  • They get SUPER COOL Member Benefits with SPGFAN!
  • YOU get paid!


Is EXACTLY how you do it!