Affiliate Program FAQ: What is SPGFAN?

What is SPGFAN?

We are the Smiles Per Gallon Family Adventure Network!

And you are, too

We are building SPGFAN to be THE largest, most Family-Oriented Adventure Network on the Internet!

We offer Family-Friendly Travel Resources for over 25,000 US and Canadian Cities and Towns! Whether you’re hitting the highlights, or hoping for “Off-the-Beaten-Path” Destinations, we’ve got you covered!

We promote Hands-On Experiential Learning so YOU get the most Fun-Efficiency for all your Family Adventures!

We offer families a fun place to learn, share, and even WIN! Peruse lists of recommended educational resources, share your photos and memories, and enter to win loads of PRIZES, PROMOTIONS, and GIVEAWAYS!

We encourage Gentle, Present Parenting, because they’re only little for a short time, so we hope you’ll make it AWESOME!

We Spread Kindness wherever we go, and hope to inspire others to do the same!

In everything we do, we hope to empower Small and Locally Owned Businesses; Local Artists, Makers, and Growers; and Parentpreneurs of ALL Types!

SPGFAN is here to support YOU!


Because FAMILY!

It’s the GREATEST Adventure of All!