Affiliate Program FAQ: What Tools Do You Have to Help Me?

What Tools Do You Have to Help Me?

The biggest thing you can do to spread the word about SPGFAN and make money with our Affiliate Program, is to be GENUINE!

And, that means, we want you to look around the site, familiarize yourself with what we are doing here, and find value in it yourself.

And, only then, can you successfully illustrate that value to YOUR readers and content consumers!

Your audience knows and appreciates you for what you do. And they respect your opinion. Affiliate Programs allow US to benefit from the authority you have in your respective niche. And in exchange, we will reward you generously for finding and sharing the value of SPGFAN.

The most meaningful content you can produce for your readers, is that which comes from the heart.

But, with that being said, we know we are growing. We know we have loose ends getting tied every single day.

So, if you need us to clarify what we stand for…

If you need us to create graphics, or charts…

Or if a particular link added to the site might help you…

We’re all ears.

And typing fingers.

And we want to provide you with the tools you need to express yourself clearly and eloquently to your readers when you tell them about what a membership with SPGFAN has to offer!

As we grow, we will definitely focus on resources our Affiliates need to define the value we do indeed provide our Members!

And you will have access to an Affiliate Portal that will contain these tools as we build them!