Bread From RISE Baking Co – Athens, Georgia – 11/27/2019

Mmmm… RISE Baking Co out of Athens, Georgia makes THE most wonderful naturally leavened sourdough bread loaves!

We first found Julie at the Opa Robby’s Fall Market; and we bought an Olive Fig Loaf from her then, took it home, and absolutely DEVOURED it!

She was set up at Opa Robby’s Market again today, and the timing was AWESOME.

We grabbed a Cranberry Pecan and a Roasted Sweet Potato loaf…

And it was a flawless compliment to our Thanksgiving Spread!

At the end of dinner, the Sweet Potato bread was almost gone…

And the Cranberry Pecan won’t make it past breakfast!

Accented with some fresh Amish butter…

Bread doesn’t get any better!

Exquisite taste and texture, made from the finest ingredients, baked to gorgeous perfection…

Does that photo not look incredible?

Thanks, Julie!

We are quite thankful for your amazing breads!

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