Become a SPGFAN Affiliate!

Do you maintain a successful family-oriented business, website, travel blog, or social media presence?

Would you be interested in adding to YOUR bottom line?

We are getting ready to launch the

Smiles Per Gallon

Family Adventure Network

Membership Affiliate Program

And we’d love to have you on board!

We’re going to try to keep this program as simple as possible.


We are currently offering 3 different Annual Membership Packages to the Smiles Per Gallon Family Adventure Network, aka SPGFAN at


Currently available for just $7.99 for a 12 month membership, FOUNDING MEMBERS are the Launch Team that will get SPGFAN off the ground and into a place where we can provide THE best content, THE most family support, and even THE most lucrative income opportunities for ALL members of the network!


  • Have access to all the SPGFAN Travel Planning Tools!
  • Are invited to contribute to the SPGFAN network by sharing photos and experiences!
  • Are eligible for MOST Contests, Prizes, Giveaways, and Promotions!
  • Know that their dollars are helping to support THE largest, most Family-Oriented Adventure Network on the Internet!


Currently available for just $17.99 for a 12 month membership, ALL ACCESS MEMBERS are the supporters and the believers that are willing to invest in SPGFAN!

And as a result, they will have access to ALL the goodies SPGFAN offers!


  • Have access to all the SPGFAN Travel Planning Tools!
  • Are invited to contribute to the SPGFAN network by sharing photos and experiences!
  • Are eligible for ALL Contests, Prizes, Giveaways, and Promotions!
  • Know that their dollars are helping to support THE largest, most Family-Oriented Adventure Network on the Internet!
  • Will be invited to Members Only Special Events and Opportunities!


Currently available for just $47.99 for a 12 month membership, AFFILIATE MEMBERS are the true SPGFAN Magicians!

AFFILIATE MEMBERS get access to ALL benefits offered with ALL ACCESS MEMBERSHIPS.


Buying into the SPGFAN Affiliate Program earns you your own personal SPGFAN Affiliate Link, a SPGFAN Promotional Code, and any tools you might need so that you can share the love of SPGFAN with your friends, family, clients, customers, readers, and content consumers!

If someone visits SPGFAN from your link to join as a member, or uses your promotional code to join as a member, YOU GET PAID!

If a FOUNDING MEMBER joins from your link at $7.99

YOU EARN $3.00!

That’s a 37.5% commission!

If an ALL ACCESS MEMBER joins from your link at $17.99

YOU EARN $7.00!

That’s a 38.9% commission!

If an AFFILIATE MEMBER joins from your link at $47.99

YOU EARN $20.00!!

That’s a 41% commission!

Sign Up to Be a SPGFAN AFFILIATE Today!


  1. What is SPGFAN?
  2. What is Affiliate Marketing?
  3. How Do I Know This is Legit?
  4. Why Do I Have to Pay to Sign Up?
  5. How Do I Spread the SPGFAN Love?
  6. What Tools Do You Have to Help Me?
  7. When and How Do I Get Paid?
  8. How Do I Sign Up?
  9. Am I Going to Get Rich Quick?
  10. What Other Fine Print is Involved?

What is SPGFAN?

We are the Smiles Per Gallon Family Adventure Network!

And you are, too!

We are building SPGFAN to be THE largest, most Family-Oriented Adventure Network on the Internet!

We offer Family-Friendly Travel Resources for over 25,000 US and Canadian Cities and Towns! Whether you’re hitting the highlights, or hoping for “Off-the-Beaten-Path” Destinations, we’ve got you covered!

We promote Hands-On Experiential Learning so YOU get the most Fun-Efficiency for all your Family Adventures!

We offer families a fun place to learn, share, and even WIN! Peruse lists of recommended educational resources, share your photos and memories, and enter to win loads of PRIZES, PROMOTIONS, and GIVEAWAYS!

We encourage Gentle, Present Parenting, because they’re only little for a short time, so we hope you’ll make it AWESOME!

We Spread Kindness wherever we go, and hope to inspire others to do the same!

In everything we do, we hope to empower Small and Locally Owned Businesses; Local Artists, Makers, and Growers; and Parentpreneurs of ALL Types!

SPGFAN is here to support YOU!


Because FAMILY!

It’s the GREATEST Adventure of All!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing, by definition, is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

At SPGFAN, our main revenue comes in the form of memberships and advertising. (Stay tuned for advertising sales opportunities as well, but for now, we’re focusing on the Affiliate Program!)

If you maintain your own successful family-oriented business, website, travel blog, or social media presence, you use YOUR platform to tell your friends, family, readers, and content consumers how much YOU love SPGFAN, and encourage them to check us out!

If they think they might love SPGFAN, too, and they join as a member using your Affiliate Link or provide your Promotional Code, we will pay YOU a percentage of their membership fee!

You Get Paid $3.00!

You Get Paid $7.00!

You Get Paid $20.00!

How Do I Know This Is Legit?

The biggest concerns in considering a new Affiliate Program, are whether or not it is “legit” and whether or not it is worth it.

We can promise you we are legit.

The smiling faces behind SPGFAN are a very real family. We’re here, working as hard as we can, to bring you an entire network dedicated to encouraging amazing family adventure, promoting positive parenting, and empowering the success of small businesses and Parentpreneurs all over the world.

With all this positivity we are sending out into the interwebs, we hope you will find it easy to trust us.

But, we understand we are only a year old, and still a very new company.

Those of you involved in our Beta Affiliate Programs, and those signing up as Founding Members, might be taking a tiny leap of faith to trust us. But, in time, we are confident that our feedback will speak for itself as all of you share YOUR success stories about how SPGFAN added AWESOMENESS to YOUR Family’s Adventures!

Now, is it worth it?

Well, that never comes with a guarantee.

As with all Affiliate Programs, you’re going to get out of this what you put into it.

If you have a strong readership,

If you, yourself, find REAL value in SPGFAN,

And you can communicate that GENUINELY to folks that trust you,

We KNOW you can be successful with us!

We’re trying to keep membership costs as low as possible, and we want you to earn as much as you can!

At the very least, we hope your Affiliate Membership will pay for itself!

And if anyone out there wants to bring in the big bucks, we will do EVERYTHING we can to support you!

The more money YOU make, the more money WE have to put towards our goals of building SPGFAN into something HUGE!

Any tools you need to promote us, we will help you!

Any questions you need to ask, we are here for you!

Let’s do this!

Why Do I Have to Pay to Sign Up?

In designing our SPGFAN Affiliate Program, we have done countless hours of research. We’ve seen all kinds of legitimate, as well as questionable, programs out there across all media formats.

We know that some programs don’t require a start up fee. You just spread the word, and earn the bucks.

We thought about offering a program without a start up fee. But, if that were the case, you’d only be able to earn smaller amounts on our membership packages, because it is most definitely our goal to keep our other membership fees as inexpensive as possible.

Affordability for our Founding Members is a huge component we stand behind at SPGFAN, and I don’t want to stray from that.

So, by requiring an Affiliate start up fee, we are actually increasing YOUR earning potential. Because any Affiliate Member that joins from YOUR link, pays you $20.00. And, if you are good at spreading genuine SPGFAN value to your content consumers, we are positive you will be QUITE successful with our program! We want you to earn your investment back ASAP! And we will do whatever we can to ensure that you do! We don’t want anyone to have a bad experience as a SPGFAN Affiliate!

And, let’s face it, requiring a start up fee actually DOES help ensure the folks that sign up with us can be more successful. It does weed out the people that might not be willing to work hard to spread the word. And then, those people would end up disappointed. And that isn’t what we want!

If you are prepared to invest in SPGFAN, we know you are prepared to maximize YOUR earning potential!

$47.99 is a modest amount that will keep you on your toes, and keep us at the top of our game. If you invest in us, we will invest in you!

We want EVERY SPGFAN Affiliate to be successful with our program, and we will help you with any tools you need to ensure you are getting YOUR money’s worth back from us!

If you sign up 3 other AFFILIATE MEMBERS, you’ve made money!

If you sign up 8 ALL ACCESS MEMBERS, you’ve made money!

If you sign up 17 FOUNDING MEMBERS, you’ve made money!

So, look at those numbers.

Think about your audience.

Get familiar with SPGFAN.

If you think you can spread that much enthusiasm and excitement for what we are doing here at the Smiles Per Gallon Family Adventure Network, then LET’S DO THIS!

But, only do it if you think you CAN!

How Do I Spread the SPGFAN Love?

Well, we hope that will be the easy part!

First, and foremost,

We’re looking for folks in Family-Oriented, Family-Friendly Business Genres.

If this sounds like you…


If you have a solid presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest…

If you have your own website and/or blog…

If you have loyal readers and content consumers…

You are a great fit for the SPGFAN Affiliate Program!

We recommend that you start by taking a peek at all the resources we offer here at SPGFAN. Read what’s important to us. Take some time and see how fast we grow, as we add thousands of new resources every single day. Many links might not be active right this second, but, I promise, they will be!

We ARE very much in the development phase, so if you don’t yet find value in what we have here, please do check back.

But, also, keep in mind, the earlier you jump on board, the more lucrative it can be for you in the long run!

But, as you look around, take note of what you see that will bring value to your readers.

Is it the QUIKLISTS for each travel destination?

Is it the Super Cool Lists of Junior Ranger Programs, National Parks, Museums, or Sports Teams?

Is it the ability to share photos and memories in a community of Family Adventurers?

Is it the excitement of winning Contests, Prizes, Promotions, and Giveaways?

Is it because we have multiple avenues to promote Small Businesses and Parentpreneurs?

Or, maybe you know some fellow business-savvy contacts that would benefit from also joining as an Affiliate to earn money with SPGFAN.

Whatever part of what we do that you know would appeal to your readers, TELL THEM ALL ABOUT IT!

Show excitement and enthusiasm!


Invite them to check us out!

And if they like what they see, and if they join at any of the three Membership Levels, then we ALL win!

  • They get SUPER COOL Member Benefits with SPGFAN!
  • YOU get paid!


Is EXACTLY how you do it!

What Tools Do You Have to Help Me?

The biggest thing you can do to spread the word about SPGFAN and make money with our Affiliate Program, is to be GENUINE!

And, that means, we want you to look around the site, familiarize yourself with what we are doing here, and find value in it yourself.

And, only then, can you successfully illustrate that value to YOUR readers and content consumers!

Your audience knows and appreciates you for what you do. And they respect your opinion. Affiliate Programs allow US to benefit from the authority you have in your respective niche. And in exchange, we will reward you generously for finding and sharing the value of SPGFAN.

The most meaningful content you can produce for your readers, is that which comes from the heart.

But, with that being said, we know we are growing. We know we have loose ends getting tied every single day.

So, if you need us to clarify what we stand for…

If you need us to create graphics, or charts…

Or if a particular link added to the site might help you…

We’re all ears.

And typing fingers.

And we want to provide you with the tools you need to express yourself clearly and eloquently to your readers when you tell them about what a membership with SPGFAN has to offer!

As we grow, we will definitely focus on resources our Affiliates need to define the value we do indeed provide our Members!

And you will have access to an Affiliate Portal that will contain these tools as we build them!

When and How Do I Get Paid?

Ah, yes! Another VERY important question!

I aim to keep the Payment System as simple as possible as well. But, I reserve the right to make minor adjustments pending volume; safety and security; and keeping administration expenses as low as possible.

For now,

Your readers will click on your Personalized Affiliate Links, or they will provide your Personalized Affiliate Promotional Code to join as a SPGFAN Member. One of these methods MUST be utilized for you to receive credit for your Membership Fee Commission.

Membership Fees will be held in escrow for a minimum of 30 days to limit the potential of fraudulent activity.

After 30 days, your Earnings will be released for availability, to be paid to you on your next Earnings Distribution Date.

Affiliate Earnings Distribution Dates will occur once a month.

No Minimum Balance is currently required for your Earnings to be issued.

We will issue your Earnings via PayPal. (We will consider other digital payment methods if requested.)

All fees associated with the transmission of your Earnings is your responsibility, and will be covered from your end.

If any activity occurs, fraudulent or otherwise, that results in SPGFAN not properly receiving membership fees from your Affiliate Links, you will not be eligible to earn a commission for that transaction. If any activity occurs, through fraud or a dispute, after your commission has been paid for a transaction, your commission will be deducted from your account, and that may result in a negative balance until you have earned enough commission from other transactions to cover the amount deducted.

Now, obviously, we hope nothing unusual occurs, and we hope we never have to do this. But, this is for the protection of all parties involved.

For an example, to put it all together:

You join SPGFAN as an AFFILIATE MEMBER on December 1, 2019.

Your Earnings Distribution Date will be set for the first day of each month.

The Jones Family joins SPGFAN as an ALL ACCESS MEMBER on December 4, 2019. They have clicked on your personalized link. You have earned $7.00.

That $7.00 will remain in escrow for 30 days. It will be available in your account on January 4, 2020.

Your next Earnings Distribution Date will be February 1, 2020.

You will get paid the $7.00 from the Jones Family on February 1, 2020.

So, be prepared to understand, it could effectively be close to 2 months before you start seeing your earnings issued to you. Plan your finances accordingly when you commit your $47.99 Affiliate Start Up Fee.

Now, once you get rolling, we hope you’ll have enough Affiliate Income steadily amassing that you will receive a nice, consistent payment every month from there on out.

But, yes, there WILL be a delay getting started.

And, again, it is a necessary evil for the protection of everyone when doing business on the internet…