Bambu Desserts & Drinks – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 12/13/2018

On our Philadelphia Quest for Boba Tea, we found Bambu. I didn’t realize until just now this is an actual franchise with multiple locations throughout the country. So, that’s good, right? You don’t have to wait until you get to Philly to try some Bambu for yourself! I also didn’t realize that we seriously underestimated our drink choices in this place. They certainly do offer an extensive array of Milk Teas and Boba add-ins, and that was fantastic. But being a more Vietnamese-inspired menu, I really feel like I should have taken more time to peruse the flavor options and…

Harry O’s Passyunk Gardens – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 12/13/2018

Beautiful murals showcase Urban Community Gardening at the South Philly intersection where Passyunk meets Wharton. Harry O’s Passyunk Gardens were created in 2011 for a taping of the Rachael Ray Show, with space generously donated by Maria Olivieri in honor of her father Harry “The Boss” Michael Olivieri. The murals were created by Delancey Berzin, as well as other artists listed on the wall that touches E. Passyunk. Such a fun little find! Philly has some INCREDIBLE street art! Have you captured any of the great murals throughout the city?

Cafe Crema Italian Coffee Shop – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 12/13/2018

This is, hands down, my FAVORITE guilty pleasure in ALL of Philadelphia! Cafe Crema Italian Coffee Shop, located in the Famous Italian Market on 9th Street near Passyunk Avenue, has some of THE most delectable Italian desserts we have EVER experienced! From Cannoli, to Gelato, to all sorts of Pastries and other delicacies to which I don’t even know the names… WOW. Every time we’re in the neighborhood to Cheesesteak at Geno’s and Pat’s, we ALWAYS stop by Cafe Crema and load up on rich Italian decadence! On this trip, we really did get a little carried away, as you…

Geno’s Steaks – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 12/13/2018

When in Philly, you MUST Cheesesteak! But, the truth of the matter is, they are all made differently, and there are lots of choices in meats, breads, cheeses, and toppings. So, you’re probably going to want to Cheesesteak more than once! There are lots of good Cheesesteak Shops throughout the Philly area. But, my personal recommendation is to head to Passyunk Avenue and 9th Street, and hit up BOTH Geno’s Steaks AND Pat’s King of Steaks, all on the same block. Try a few different combinations and get a genuine taste of some of Philly’s best Original Recipe Cheesesteaks! You’ll…

Pat’s King of Steaks – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 12/13/2018

We’ve cumulatively spent a few months in Philly over the course of the last two years. So, it stands to reason that we’ve made a sizable dent in sampling the Philly Cheesesteak Scene. For me, it’s impossible to pick a favorite. They each have slightly unique twists to the final product. They each have enough custom options available with meats, and cheeses, and toppings that they are all different enough that it’s hard to compare. So, basically, pick one and enjoy! But, if I was to be so forward as to suggest a win-win tasting experience, we tend to gravitate…

Independence Hall – Independence National Historical Park – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 10/11/2010

On this particular visit to Philadelphia, Independence Hall was under renovation! Oops! Better luck next time! But, on the bright side, hopefully this historical icon will be around for many, many generations to come! I suppose we don’t mind waiting!

Independence Visitor Center – Independence National Historical Park – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 10/11/2010

Every Philadelphia Adventure starts at the Independence Visitor Center at Independence National Historical Park! Here you can catch Museum Exhibits, a Cafe, all kinds of Philly Info, and, of course, everything you need to know about visiting the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall! We started our morning by grabbing breakfast at the cafe, and getting a head start on our Junior Ranger Books! Before we headed over to the Liberty Bell, we spent some time with the main man himself, Benjamin Franklin!

Junior Ranger Pledge Ceremony – Independence Visitor Center – Independence National Historical Site – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 10/11/2010

After a long, fun day of interactive experiences throughout the Historical District of Philadelphia, hanging out with Benjamin Franklin, visiting the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and taking a carriage ride through the streets, we were ready for our Junior Ranger Badges!