Log Cabin in the Snow – Jamestown, Tennessee – 01/10/2011

Another day of snow… A little log cabin keeping us warm in the midst of the winter whiteness that envelopes us!

An Absolutely GORGEOUS Morning Walk in the Snow! – Jamestown, Tennessee – 01/10/2011

Getting out in the morning… When the peace of the fallen snow is mostly untouched… The faint warmth of the sun waking on the distant horizon… It feels so surreal. The quietness surrounds you. The beauty consumes you.

Just a Lil Snow – Jamestown, Tennessee – 01/05/2011

The good thing about only getting a little bit of snow, is that it is still very pretty, but it doesn’t last long enough to be dangerous! So, it’s fun to get out and take a few pictures, but you don’t have to worry about being snowed in for long periods of time! Tennessee is usually pretty good about that… We get just enough winter weather to get out and play in the snow… But, we rarely get stuck!

A Little Birthday Shop ’til Ya Drop at the American Girl Boutique – North Point Mall – Alpharetta, Georgia – 01/04/2011

Two very happy girls tonight… Trillian with her Birthday Loot… And Alysia… Because Trillian is an awesome sister, and shared most of her Birthday Shopping Spree Money with her… They each got some new dolls… And TONS of clothing and accessories! Birthday Bliss, for sure! Because even the best moments… Are all the more magical when they are shared with those you love!

Birthday Dinner at the American Girl Bistro – North Point Mall – Alpharetta, Georgia – 01/04/2011

For a young girl celebrating her birthday, the American Girl Bistro offers THE quintessentially magic experience! Dinner with your favorite doll friends with all the doll sized plates and cups! Kid-friendly favorites such as cheesy pastas and star-shaped fruit… Pink lemonade… Milkshakes… With ALL the whipped cream on top! A lovely birthday serenade by the American Girl staff… And, of course, a gift certificate for some MEGA shopping fun! Even little brothers can get in on the fun by “borrowing” a doll friend with whom to share a yummy milkshake!

Birthday Adventures at the American Girl Boutique & Bistro – North Point Mall – Alpharetta, Georgia – 01/04/2011

What better way to spend a Magical 7th Birthday than by hanging out with all of our favorite friends in the American Girl Boutique in Atlanta! Located in the North Point Mall in Alpharetta, Georgia, the American Girl Doll Experience is THE place where forever memories are made! Happy Birthday, Trillian! We love you!

Starting the New Year with a Whipped Cream Fight – Jamestown, Tennessee – 01/01/2011

I mean, hey, what better way to celebrate a New Year than by smearing each other with yummy whipped cream! Happy New Year, everyone!

Hobbies: Scrapbooking – Jamestown, Tennessee – 01/01/2011

I love scrapbooking! Every New Year, we try to spend time thinking about all our hobbies and interests on which we’d like to focus and devote more efforts to over the course of the coming months. Hopefully scrapbooking will be one of those things for me! All the papers and stickers and photos make me happy!