NARA: Passport to Presidential Libraries

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Passport to Presidential Libraries

The Passport to Presidential Libraries is a program that gives visitors an opportunity to purchase a special keepsake booklet they can take with them on their travels to Presidential Libraries and Museums across the nation.

A visitor receives a commemorative stamp in their book from the Library at the time of the purchase and can collect stamps from every Presidential Library visited in the future. Once they collect stamps from all the libraries, they will earn their special gift.

(And, WHOA! No spoilers, but this gift is AWESOME!!)

While the Passport includes dedicated spaces for stamps, it also includes helpful and fascinating information related to each Presidential Library including presidential quotes, photographs of documents and artifacts from our collections, and specific information about the unique experience a visitor will have at each location.

The Passport also includes pages dedicated to future Libraries, such as the Barack Obama Presidential Library, so that the book can grow with visitors as time progresses!

The Passports can be purchased at any of the thirteen Presidential Museums. The Passport retails for $9.99.

Start your journey now!

Still have questions? Check out the FAQ page for additional information.

CLICK HERE to purchase the Passport to Presidential Libraries!

Herbert Hoover Library – West Branch, Iowa

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library – Hyde Park, New York

Harry S. Truman Library – Independence, Missouri

Dwight D. Eisenhower Library – Abilene, Kansas

John F. Kennedy Library – Boston, Massachusetts

Lyndon B. Johnson Library – Austin, Texas

Richard Nixon Library – Yorba Linda, California

Gerald R. Ford Library – Ann Arbor, Michigan

Jimmy Carter Library – Atlanta, Georgia

Ronald Reagan Library – Simi Valley, California

George H.W. Bush Library – College Station, Texas

William J. Clinton Library – Little Rock, Arkansas

George W. Bush Library – Dallas, Texas

Barack Obama Library – Chicago, Illinois (Under Construction)

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