SPGFAN: Mini-Blog Categories!

Join us on our family’s personal adventures as we travel through life, experiencing our beautiful world!

What do you LOVE? We’ve got a SPGFAN Mini-Blog for that!

See what moves us as we explore, and perhaps find a bit of inspiration for YOUR journeys!

Whether it’s a flavor, a scent, a sound, a sentiment, a collection…

Find your PASSION,


Anywhere BUT Homeschoolers!
The World Truly Is Our Classroom!
Join Us!

MEGA Bites!
Big Adventures in Local Flavor!

The Way We Roll!
A Sushi Story!

The Sweet Route!
Celebrating Our Sweetest Journeys!

Bean Around the World!
Coffee is Our Love Language!

A Spot of Tea!
Adventure is Always Brewing!

Bubble Love!
When Good Times Just Pop Up!

Soda Pop Savant!
Our Collection of Carbonated Memories!

Sounds Like Adventure!
Music Moves Us!
Let’s Get This Show on the Road!

Painted Rock Hounds!
Finding Cheer, Spreading Joy…
Join the Hunt!

Urban Canvas!
Super-Cool Street Art Finds!

Community Art!
Painted Statue Collections, Sculpture Installations, and MORE!

Capitol Letters!
Exploring State, Provincial, and Territorial Capitols and Legislative Buildings!

Junior Rangering!
Junior Ranger Badges: Our Quest to Earn them ALL!

It’s a Wild Life!
Animals in Their Native Habitats!

Flower Power!
Photography Fun with Local Flora!

Read All About It!
Our Love of Language and the Magic of Written Word

Arts in the Heart!
Support Local Artists and Craftsmen!

Keepsake Collectors!
Fun Souvenir Ideas to Cherish Forever!

Home Is Where Your Heart Is!
It’s Not WHERE You Are, It’s WHO You’re With!

Fox in the Hen House!
A Little Brother’s Guide to Surviving the Road in a Van Full of Girls!

Hugs From Ribby!
Forever in Memory of Our Precious River Sivanne, Spreading Kindness Wherever We Go!