North Dakota House of Representatives – North Dakota State Capitol Building – Bismarck, North Dakota – 07/08/2022

Inside the North Dakota House of Representatives in the North Dakota State Capitol Building in Bismarck, North Dakota

Capitol Grounds and Exterior Architecture – North Dakota State Capitol Building – Bismarck, North Dakota – 07/08/2022

Capitol Grounds and Exterior Architecture of the North Dakota State Capitol Building in Bismarck, North Dakota

Family Fun at Interstate Rest Stops – I-94 Westbound Hansel Lake Rest Area – Dalton, Minnesota – 07/07/2022

When you travel full time, your stops at Interstate Rest Areas are just as important as your intended destinations! Just as many family memories can be made! What family doesn’t have the “No pets allowed? Oh, well, I guess you can’t come!” joke? Over the years, we’ve found that many rest areas have letterboxes. They can also be great places to find painted rocks. During open hours, you can find travel information, tourist brochures, and maps. Maybe even some coupons or discount savings. Snacks and drinks are usually available in vending machines. And, of course, if you need to rest,…

Community, Collaboration, and Creative Coworking Space at Artisan Forge Studios – Eau Claire, Wisconsin – 07/07/2022

Artisan Forge Studios is an incredible cooperative art studio located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. You could spend most of a day checking out the exterior sculptures, the interior artist shoppes and businesses! Make sure to enjoy a quick bite or refreshing beverage in the onsite lunch spot, Sweet Driver Cafe and then finish your experience with a box of divine truffles from Sweet Driver Chocolates! If you love art, next time you are in Eau Claire, definitely check out Artisan Forge Studios! Click HERE or on Any Photo in the Album Below for Great Ideas on Fostering a Love of…

Garage Door Graffiti at Artisan Forge Studios – Eau Claire, Wisconsin – 07/07/2022

Garage Door Graffiti at Artisan Forge Studios Leaving our hotel to go get gas, I chanced across this little gem of a cooperative art studio in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. We ended up spending most of the day checking out the exterior sculptures, the interior artist shoppes, and, of course, the onsite lunch spot, Sweet Driver Cafe and Sweet Driver Chocolates! If you love art, next time you are in Eau Claire, definitely check out Artisan Forge Studios! Click HERE or on Any Photo in the Album Below for the Coolest Selection of Street Art Coloring Books for Kids AND Adults!

Exterior Sculpture Collection at Artisan Forge Studios – Eau Claire, Wisconsin – 07/07/2022

Leaving our hotel to go get gas, I chanced across this little gem of a cooperative art studio in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. We ended up spending most of the day checking out the exterior sculptures, the interior artist shoppes, and, of course, the onsite lunch spot, Sweet Driver Cafe and Sweet Driver Chocolates! If you love art, next time you are in Eau Claire, definitely check out Artisan Forge Studios! Click HERE or on Any Photo in the Album Below for Great Ideas on Fostering a Love of ART With YOUR Kids!

Birds’ Eye View of Madison From High Atop the Roof of the Wisconsin State Capitol Building – Madison, Wisconsin – 07/06/2022

Learn About Wisconsin! A Birds’ Eye View of Madison From High Atop the Roof of the Wisconsin State Capitol Building! Click HERE or on Any Photo in the Album Below for Great Book Ideas to Teach Kids About Wisconsin!

Exploring the Interior of the Wisconsin State Capitol Building – Madison, Wisconsin – 07/06/2022

Learn About Wisconsin! Exploring the Interior of the Wisconsin State Capitol Building in Madison, Wisconsin! Click HERE or on Any Photo in the Album Below for Great Book Ideas to Teach Kids About Wisconsin!

Outside the Wisconsin State Capitol Building – Madison, Wisconsin – 07/06/2022

Learn About Wisconsin! Exploring the Outside of the Wisconsin State Capitol Building in Madison, Wisconsin! Click HERE or on Any Photo in the Album Below for Great Book Ideas to Teach Kids About Wisconsin!

Showcase of Citrus Album Six: Giant Monster Truck Super Swamp Safari! – Clermont, Florida – 05/06/2021

Climb aboard a behemoth open-air monster truck for a birds-eye view of orange groves, blueberry bushes, farms, fields, swamplands, and more! Take in the sights and sounds of wild animals, magnificent birds, exotic species, and domesticated farm animals. This approximately hour-long Monster Truck Super Swamp Safari is something EVERYONE in the family will love! Sure, rollercoasters are fun… But, include time in your Orlando-Area Theme Park Itinerary to travel the road less taken! In GIANT Monster Truck Style! Real Florida awaits your family at Showcase of Citrus in Clermont, Florida, just outside of Orlando! Read more about our full day…

Showcase of Citrus Album Five: Orange Picking in the Citrus Groves! – Clermont, Florida – 05/06/2021

High atop the list of our favorite things to do throughout the course of our homeschooling experience has always been agricultural experiences. Specifically, spending time on a farm, or in a field, picking fresh produce. We love going to the heart of the source of fruits, veggies, and other goodies! So, finding a U-Pick Orange Grove at Showcase of Citrus in Clermont, Florida, just outside of Orlando, was such a delight! Walking through the endless lines of orange trees, finding just the right shade of orange, and getting that satisfying pluck from the branch when you decide to make it…

Eagle & Phenix Mills Water Tower – Columbus, Georgia – 05/05/2021

One prominent feature of the Columbus, Georgia skyline is the Eagle & Phenix Mills Water Tower. It can be seen from countless vantage points throughout the city, and lends well to the historic, industrial vibe of the entire downtown area of Columbus. And it makes for some great photo fun! If you’d like to see a list of all the Family Friendly Things to Do in Columbus, Georgia, CLICK HERE Columbus is a FABULOUS destination, and we love it! If you are interested in reading up on the history of Columbus, Georgia, Click on any photo below!

Historic Hotels: Columbus Marriott – Columbus, Georgia – 05/04/2021

One of our “new” favorite things to do is check out Historic Hotels. For my birthday, we spent an evening in the River Street Inn in Savannah, Georgia, and ever since then, I’ve been hooked! The Columbus Marriott in Columbus, Georgia is also a gorgeous old-mill-turned-modern-hotel. A stunning lobby with epic fixtures gives way to a brick-laden hallway, leading you to well-appointed comfortable rooms. Historic details surround you, from door handles, to hardware, to old signs, windows, and more! If you’d like to check out the Columbus Marriott, CLICK HERE! If you’d like to see a list of all the…

Trapped in a Daydream: A Seonghwa Birthday Cafe Event at Oolong Bubble Teahouse – Kennesaw, Georgia – 04/03/2021

Our second K-Pop Fan Event for the day was another Birthday Celebration for Seonghwa from the group ATEEZ. Hosted at Oolong Bubble Teahouse in Kennesaw, Georgia, there were custom drinks, raffles, contests, prizes, and more. Several Fan Vendors were onsite, and the girls purchased some beautiful collectible pins. Alysia won an ATEEZ album from the raffle, which was helping to raise money for Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Atlanta, the first legal advocacy nonprofit dedicated to the civil rights of AANHPI in Georgia and the Southeast. As members of the Atlanta K-Pop fan group, we got even more awesome photo…

Happy Birthday Seonghwa and Yunho! K-Pop Group ATEEZ Birthday Cup Sleeve Event at Boba Tea Tok – Duluth, Georgia – 04/03/2021

In the K-Pop music industry, fans worldwide will host local events to celebrate their favorite artists’ birthdays and special events, as well as group anniversaries. Often these events are held in Bubble Tea Cafes, Tea Houses, Coffee Shops, or other trendy places fans can gather, sip on colorful drinks, play games, win prizes, collect custom cup sleeves and photo cards, and purchase cool merch to support local fan groups. We attend as many of these events as we can for the groups we follow the most. Today, was a big day for ATEEZ fans, as we gathered to celebrate a…

Hiking the Ivy Creek Greenway from The Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center to the Woodward Mill Historic Site and Beyond – Buford, Georgia – 03/14/2021

Gwinnett County boasts an extensive park system with lots of hiking and trails. In the Buford area, The Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center has several hiking options of its own, including the Ivy Creek Greenway. From the parking lot of The Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center, the Ivy Creek Greenway takes you out to the Woodward Mill Historic Site. All in all, this isn’t the most natural setting. You do border some residential and commercial properties, and come out under the vicinity of Interstate 85. But, if you are into a bit of urban exploring, it’s still a good hike….

An Art Walk Through Decatur – Decatur, Georgia – 03/05/2021

As kids get older, the travel destinations change a bit. You don’t spend as much time exploring kids’ museums or playing on playgrounds. But, the good news, if you happen to have a kid that likes art, is that EVERYWHERE can be a destination! Countless communities across the US (and the world) boast all sorts of public art projects. Such as street art, murals, painted utility boxes or fire hydrants, metal art, sculptures, window paintings, and so much more… Even fairy doors! And they are all AWESOME! Every town can indeed be a treasure hunt of beautiful, whimsical, weird, or…

Dancing Goats Coffee Bar (A Filming Location for the Movie Love, Simon) – Decatur, Georgia – 03/05/2021

We’ve been on a bit of a kick lately, checking out movie and television filming locations around the Atlanta-ish area. Dancing Goats Coffee Bar is featured in the movie Love, Simon, a 2018 coming-of-age rom-com book-turned-big-screen production, filmed in a few locations throughout the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. And, well, they serve coffee. And it was awesome Batdorf & Bronson Coffee. I was surprised to see the Fall Menu still on the board in the middle of March. But, can you really go wrong with a little fall spice? No. You can’t. Amazing espresso drinks! And a funky Decatur location,…

School Bus Graveyard 2021 – Alto, Georgia – 02/12/2021

Since the last time we visited the School Bus Graveyard in January of 2020, we’ve been wondering if the art always stayed the same, or if they ever switched any out. It’s a tough call, because it is certainly fun to witness fresh creations. But, also bittersweet to see old works of art painted over with something else. But, the answer is, yes, there ARE new designs for 2021 at the School Bus Graveyard! And some of them are pretty incredible! Check out Drake Arnold’s White Tiger with its stunning blue eyes! And NACK and ARM’s infamous little faces adorn…

Yay! We Found Ah Boong at 2 PLUS 2 Bubble Tea + Ice Cream – Suwanee, Georgia – 11/18/2020

We first experienced Ah Boong in Koreatown Los Angeles last December, and I thought it was the cutest thing ever! The cutest little fish-shaped cones, filled with custard, nutella, red bean, or fruit flavors, swirled high with soft serve ice cream, and loaded with your choice of colorful toppings! We’ve been trying to find some Ah Boong here in Georgia, and we finally hit the jackpot at 2 PLUS 2 Bubble Tea + Ice Cream in Suwanee! We filled our adorable fishie with custard, maxed out with Oreo soft serve ice cream, and topped it all with Fruity Pebbles and…

Save the Bees Rainbow Mandala by Chance Losher aka Professor Rainbow – Strong Alley – Knoxville, Tennessee – 10/29/2020

Local Knoxville Artist Chance Losher, better known as Professor Rainbow, has worked hard to bring this lovely piece to Strong Alley in Downtown Knoxville, just east of Market Square! The Save the Bees Rainbow Mandala represents Chance’s bright, geometric print style. And we love the happy vibes! Be sure to check out Chance’s Bio, and Professor Rainbow’s collection of funky rainbow prints, starting at just $15!

Cassiopeia by Addison Karl – Knoxville, Tennessee – 10/29/2020

Knoxville, Tennessee has an incredible amount of street art. Strong Alley / Graffiti Alley was actually one of my earliest experiences with appreciating murals and street art creations, and one of the reasons I fell in love with seeking Urban Canvas gems on ALL of our travels! Cassiopeia by Addison Karl is a newer piece, and one I didn’t even know about until we were passing through Market Square in Downtown Knoxville, and our heads jerked back and we both exclaimed, “WHOA! Look at THAT! We’ve gotta see THAT!” And then we pulled into the garage and jumped out to…

Anna Ruby Falls Trail Hike – Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forests – Helen, Georgia – 06/13/2020

When visiting North Georgia, make sure you take in some gorgeous forest scenery on your way to a beautiful waterfall! One of our favorites is Anna Ruby Falls in the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forests, just outside of Helen, Georgia. A gorgeous set of 150 foot falls awaits you at the end of a 0.4 mile, slightly inclined trail. A few spots are a little steeper, but the paved trail, on average, is a pretty easy undertaking for families hiking with children. Anna Ruby Falls is located beyond the entrance gates of Unicoi State Park, which offers additional recreational opportunities during your…

A Vegan Picnic in the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forests – Helen, Georgia – 06/13/2020

When your daughter is a very creative vegan chef, you are overwhelmingly fortunate to regularly enjoy such lovely meals! She prepared this gorgeous spread for our picnic in the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forests before we set off on our Anna Ruby Falls Trail Hike for the afternoon. Fresh Blueberries from Damn Good Dawg Farms in Watkinsville, Georgia. All the other items are from Three Rivers Market in Knoxville, Tennessee and Jae-Mor Farms in Alto, Georgia; and a few goodies from Trader Joe’s, Fresh Market, and ALDI. Blueberries, Apples, and Celery Strawberries, Blackberries, Blueberries, and Gooseberries Cherries, Dates, Green Olives, Cashews, Sunflower…

The School Bus Graveyard – Alto, Georgia – 01/06/2020

We’ve been spending more and more time seeking out super cool street art projects around the country. But, wait, what? A School Bus Graveyard? The School Bus Graveyard is a junk yard in Alto, Georgia, full of old school buses that have been painted up by talented artists in and around the Athens, Georgia area. Alto is a small town about an hour north northwest out of Athens. If you are coming from Atlanta, Interstate 85, splits into I-985, which eventually becomes US23 / GA365. And just a hair past Jae-Mor Farms, you will find The School Bus Graveyard, an…

Mango Snow Flower Bingsu at Little Bean Cafe – Koreatown Galleria – Los Angeles, California – 12/07/2019

Our final Korean indulgence for the evening was a Mango and Milk Snow Flower Bingsu from Little Bean Cafe in the Koreatown Galleria. Bingsoo is a popular Korean shaved ice dessert with sweet toppings that may include chopped fruit, condensed milk, fruit syrup, and red beans. Varieties with ingredients other than red beans are called bingsu. Our bingsu was a light, creamy milk-based bed of shaved ice, covered in fresh mango! Mmmm! A perfect finale to a fabulous day exploring Koreatown Los Angeles!

Boba Tea at Little Bean Cafe – Koreatown Galleria – Los Angeles, California – 12/07/2019

After a big dinner at Street Food of Seoul in City Center on 6th, it was now time to start hitting some dessert! At Little Bean Cafe in the Koreatown Galleria, we started with a round of Bubble Tea for everyone! Honeydew, Almond, and Thai Milk Teas! Unfortunately, they were out of Boba for the evening, but the teas are still awesome even without the toppings!

Shopping Adventures at Koreatown Galleria – Los Angeles, California – 12/07/2019

We came to Koreatown Galleria primarily to do some shopping at Choice Music LA. But, there were tons of cute shops throughout the mall, and we thoroughly enjoyed perusing the wares! Young Art is a Korean Gift Shop with all sorts of Asian-inspired toys, books, stationary items, and collectible goodies. We got some notebooks, stickers, and a few other cute mementos. Mint Gift also offers gorgeous Korean collectibles and household decor. I got a teddy bear in a gorgeous traditional Korean hanbok.

Ube Ah Boong at SomiSomi – MaDang Courtyard Koreatown – Los Angeles, California – 12/07/2019

SomiSomi Soft Serve & Taiyaki serves up a super fun and absolutely delicious snack-style dessert called Ah Boong! Ah Boong is a fish-shaped waffle cone, known as taiyaki, stuffed with your choice of filling, swirled with soft serve ice cream, and decorated with any combination of the toppings you desire! First, you pick your filling from choices like Custard, Nutella, Red Bean, Red Bean and Cream Cheese, and Taro. Then, ice cream flavors range from Milk, Matcha, Ube, and Black Sesame, to Horchata, Strawberry, Banana, and more! Some flavors are even swirled together for added taste-bud excitement! Finish off your…

Santa Monica Sisters – Santa Monica Pier – Santa Monica, California – 12/07/2019

Love my girls… And, fortunately, they love each other! #siblings#love

Hustle and Bustle on Santa Monica Pier – Santa Monica, California – 12/07/2019

With the hustle and bustle along the iconic Santa Monica Pier, you never know what you’re going to find! One thing is for sure, as America’s Greatest Pleasure Pier, you WILL find FUN!

A Joshua Tree Adventure Along the Hagen Canyon Nature Trail at Red Rock Canyon State Park – Cantil, California – 12/07/2019

I guess I’m a bit of a U2 Fan Girl, and that tends to show itself when I’m in the Desert Habitats of the Western US and find myself with the opportunity to dance amongst the Joshua Trees! Yucca brevifolia are a unique, intriguing, and absolutely iconic plant to enjoy! And the Joshua Trees do grow in abundance in Red Rock Canyon State Park! And that just goes to show, Everything in life can be educational! Get out there and explore! And, you know, it never hurts to have a good soundtrack for the adventure!

Hiking the Hagen Canyon Nature Trail at Red Rock Canyon State Park – Cantil, California – 12/07/2019

My favorite landscapes on the entire planet! Red Rocks! I absolutely live for traversing the red sandstone trails and formations! The geological wonders never cease to amaze me! It was still a little foggy out, so the photos aren’t as brilliant as I wish they could have been under bluer skies. But, there’s no place I’d rather be, no matter what the weather! We definitely want to come back and spend even more time in this gorgeous unit of the California State Park System. Hagen Canyon Trail in the Red Rock Canyon State Park is AWESOME!

Area 51 Alien Center – Amargosa Valley, Nevada – 12/06/2019

When you don’t always know where you’re going, you never know exactly what you’re going to find! We’re in the middle of the Nevada desert, and where do we end up? Area 51! Aliens? Extra-Terrestrials? Little Green Men? We might have seen a few of those! Learn More About Area 51 and Aliens!

Bad Owl Coffee Roasters – A Harry Potter Themed Coffee Shop – Henderson, Nevada – 12/06/2019

Bad Owl Coffee Roasters… Is Oh, So Good! One of these days I’m going to get around to making a “Best of the Best Coffee Shops” List… And, thus far, Bad Owl would be in THE Number One position… Their selection of Signature Drinks was out of this world… And they were GORGEOUS! This was actually our first experience with a Cold Brew. And I still dream of its tantalizingly delicious awesomeness! There was no way we could narrow down our choices any more than we did. We literally walked out of here with SIX drinks! And every single drink…

Walking Across Hoover Dam – Hoover Dam, Nevada – 12/06/2019

Hoover Dam makes a great Day Trip from Las Vegas! Walk across the dam itself, or take a tour all the way down to the bottom! It’s actually fascinating to see the infrastructure and learn the history of this GIANT marvel of modern construction!

Hands-On Learning at Lake Mead National Recreation Area Visitor Center – Boulder City, Nevada – 12/06/2019

You’re never too old for hands-on learning! Toddlers, teens, and everyone in between! National Parks are some of the greatest places for multi-generational learning! Heck, bring the Grandparents along on YOUR next National Park Adventure! If you’re passing through Boulder City, Nevada on your way to Hoover Dam, be sure to stop by the Lake Mead National Recreation Area Visitor Center to learn even more about the plants, animals, geology, and engineering technology behind the Colorado River, Lake Mead, and Hoover Dam areas!

Vegetarian Creativity on the Continental Breakfast – Boulder City, Nevada – 12/06/2019

We always adore every opportunity we get for fancy French pastries, or colorful, flavorful doughnuts. But, breakfast is also a little awesome, when it’s FREE. One of the biggest complaints you can read about in hotel reviews is the quality of a continental breakfast. And, yeah, they’re not usually serving up French Almond Croissants, or Blueberry Crepes a la mode… But, a little creativity can go a long way! When you have one kid that’s a practicing Vegetarian, and blossoming Vegan, sometimes you have to use a LOT of creativity! But, hey, we got the job done! Whole Wheat English…

LOVE – I LOVE SUGAR Las Vegas Flagship Location – Las Vegas, Nevada – 12/05/2019

Okay, so maybe it’s just the door to a candy shop. But, it IS a 14,000 Flagship Location of THE World’s Largest Candy Shop Experience. And, you know, because LOVE. And LOVE is sweet. Check out I LOVE SUGAR! Now Open at The LINQ Promenade!

I LOVE SUGAR Flagship Location at The LINQ Promenade – Las Vegas, Nevada – 12/05/2019

I LOVE SUGAR wasn’t quite ready yet when we were passing through town, but it’s open now! You should definitely check out this Flagship location in The LINQ Promenade! Billed as the largest Candy Store Experience in the World, I LOVE SUGAR boasts over 14,000 square feet of sugar-coated bliss! And, hey, lots of super sweet Instagrammable nuggets as well! Giant Gummy Bears, anyone?

LOVE – Monumental Word Series by Laura Kimpton – In the Palazzo Waterfall Atrium at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas – Las Vegas, Nevada – 12/05/2019

Created by artist Laura Kimpton, as part of her Monumental Word Series, the LOVE art installation stands proudly with the Palazzo Waterfall Atrium, inside The Venetian Resort. Bird-stamped, 12 foot tall, red steel letters stretch their message of love over 36 feet wide! Mix a little Christmas spirit in with the stunning gardens accompanying the lovely falls, and it’s Larger-Than-Life Vegas at its finest!

A Little Indulgence at Sloan’s Homemade Ice Cream Sweet Shoppe – The Grand Canal Shoppes of The Venetian Resort – Las Vegas, Nevada – 12/05/2019

They don’t call it Sin City for nothin’! If you’re looking for some serious G-Rated indulgence for your crew, step inside the luxurious decadence that is Sloan’s Homemade Ice Cream! These EXTREME desserts are what Vegas moments are all about! Homemade ice cream available in a cone… Or a flower pot… Or a sandcastle bucket… Or a kitchen sink! Doughnuts the size of your head! Candied apples far too beautiful to eat! Cake pops, brownies, truffles, candies, smoothies, milk shakes, banana splits, and so much more! Guaranteed to make your sweet tooth feel like a million bucks! Check out their…

Lyft Art Park – Las Vegas, Nevada – 12/05/2019

Nothing is more exciting than randomly finding something that makes you stop in your tracks and say, “HUH?” “What the heck is THAT?” And THAT is exactly what the Lyft Art Park does! Designed to be a fun, safe area for Fremont Street revelers to explore while awaiting their Ride Share pick up, the Lyft Art Park is full of super cool art installations. But, better yet, did you know that most of these GIANT pieces of art are actually from Burning Man? Say WHAAAATTT? I had no idea! SUCH an INCREDIBLE opportunity to experience absolute, legendary COOLNESS! Whether you…

Welcome to Las Vegas Sign – Las Vegas Boulevard at Main Street Downtown – Las Vegas, Nevada – 12/05/2019

New on the scene in 2018, this fun, colorful sign beckons visitors towards Downtown Vegas! Find these beauties on the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Main Street, with The Stratosphere lovingly overseeing the festivities! Featuring two lovely showgirls, at a larger-than-life 26 feet in height, a giant roulette wheel, and plenty of stacks of chips to get the fun started, Welcome to Vegas, Baby!

A Little Vegas After Midnight – Cruising the Vegas Strip – Las Vegas, Nevada – 12/05/2019

Bright lights, big city… A city that never sleeps… It’s ALWAYS time for fun in Vegas, baby! Checking out the Legendary Casinos along Las Vegas Boulevard, aka the Las Vegas Strip… Sweet dreams, Vegas! Because, at the end of the day, Vegas IS the City of Dreams… And we had a pretty dreamy day ourselves! May all YOUR dreams come true!

Kà by Cirque du Soleil at the MGM Grand – Exhibit of Show Props – Las Vegas, Nevada – 12/04/2019

Even the exhibits for Kà by Cirque du Soleil at the MGM Grand are fascinating! The costumes, props, and other collections on display offer a real up-close-and-personal view of the pain-stakingly gorgeous effort and attention to detail that each and every Cirque du Soleil production offers. Every feather, every fiber, every detail… Stunning. And that’s not even getting into the stage, the theatrics, the athleticism, the music, the emotion… Everything about Kà will blow your mind. If you are looking for something to do in Vegas that will absolutely put tears in your eyes, leave your jaw on the floor,…

Kà by Cirque du Soleil at the MGM Grand – PreShow Access and Meet ‘n Greet – Las Vegas, Nevada – 12/04/2019

We absolutely LIVE for LIVE… We love live shows of any sort, from music to theatre, and everything in between. And for every show, we do EVERYTHING we can to maximize the full experience! Whether we are VIP; front row; participating in a meet and greet; enjoying pre or post show activities; or partaking in exclusive behind-the-scenes access; we ALWAYS treasure EVERY amazingly unique opportunity! And Kà by Cirque du Soleil at the MGM Grand… Kà is unspeakably, unfathomably, INCREDIBLE.

Kà by Cirque du Soleil at the MGM Grand – Las Vegas, Nevada – 12/04/2019

Next on the Birthday Agenda, Kà by Cirque du Soleil at the MGM Grand Stay tuned. The awesomeness. Is intense.

Fat Baby Birthday Dinner! Amano Las Vegas – Las Vegas, Nevada – 12/04/2019

We needed something EXTREME for Alysia’s 20th Birthday Dinner! And Amano Las Vegas fit that bill perfectly! Behold, The Fat Baby! It might be billed as a mere “Pasta Sandwich…” But don’t let the simplicity of the name fool you! These monstrous breads… Overflowing with tantalizing noodles… Dripping with creamy sauce… Oozing with gooey cheese…, Absolutely stuffed with savory toppings… Are EXTREEEEEME! Check out some YouTube videos, and then get in on the ginormous fun by ordering one for yourself! We filled our dining experience to the brim with the heavenly tastes of Rosemary Lemonade, Fresh Salads, Garlic Bread, Eggplant…

Brilliant! A Neon Museum Experience – Las Vegas, Nevada – 12/04/2019

If you want the full flavor of The Neon Museum, you definitely HAVE to add Brilliant! to your itinerary. Strolling through Vegas Yesteryear in The Boneyard is very powerful, but it’s only HALF the experience! Trust me, you don’t want HALF the emotion… HALF the history… A mere fraction of the sensory input is NOT enough! But, that’s all I’m going to tell you about, Because you simply HAVE to, Not just SEE it, But, FEEL it For yourself! Let yourself fall in love with Vegas… It’s Brilliant, Baby!

Tim Burton’s Lost Vegas Exhibit at The Neon Museum – Las Vegas, Nevada – 12/04/2019

I knew I wanted to bring Alysia to The Neon Museum in Las Vegas for her 20th Birthday. It was already the perfect plan! But, I soon realized they were hosting a Tim Burton exhibit while we would be there, and I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter icing on her entire birthday experience! Tim Burton just happens to be Alysia’s absolute favorite writer / artist / director… Pure. Weird. Awesomeness! No photos can do justice to the absurdities of Tim Burton’s mind… But, I hope you enjoy a few of these shots throughout The Lost Vegas special exhibits in The Boneyard of…

The Neon Boneyard Aglow at The Neon Museum – Las Vegas, Nevada – 12/04/2019

In this second album from the Neon Boneyard at The Neon Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada, we went back through as dusk began settling in to grab a few shots of the signs in all their illuminated glory! After all, what better way to experience the true magnificence of NEON! Light it up, baby!

Sunrise on the Cadillac Ranch – Amarillo, Texas – 12/02/2019

Ah, yes, hands down, the best, most iconic Roadside Attraction in our great nation! Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas! We happened to be here pretty early, so I had some extra fun playing with shadows and light. And, there were some random Christmas decorations draped on a few of the cars… So, that added a little festive spirit!

Butterflies by Mantra – The Unexpected Project – Fort Smith, Arkansas – 12/01/2019

There is nothing I love more than the serendipitous beauty of a butterfly! And knowing there is someone painting such magnificent butterfly creations on walls around the world is music to my ears! French Artist Mantra has quite the collection of wildlife street art in his global portfolio, and he has been leaving these butterfly collections in many different places for us to enjoy! Thanks, Mantra! The Unexpected Project

Waterfall Scrambling at Cane Creek Falls – Fall Creek Falls State Park – Spencer, Tennessee – 11/06/2019

It’s been a while since we’ve been rock or waterfall scrambling. I’ve been trying to plan a few waterfall destinations lately, but usually the weather isn’t completely cooperative. But, today was a gorgeous day to catch three different sets of falls at Fall Creek Falls State Park in Spencer, Tennessee. This is Tennessee’s most visited State Park, and I can see why. We’ve actually been here before several times, but Cane Creek Falls is the only hike we’ve been on as a family. Otherwise, we used to just hang out and take it easy while Trillian went horseback riding. But,…

Beethoven Lives! – Brevard, North Carolina – 10/30/2019

Beethoven Lives! And he does it all over Brevard, North Carolina! Each summer, the city of Brevard hosts one of the world’s most celebrated classical music events, known as the Brevard Music Center Summer Institute and Festival. And any time of year, you can stroll through the quaint downtown area and find some fun and funky Beethoven-inspired artwork! This mural is one of our favorites!

WIN Bubble Tea – Nashville, Tennessee – 06/20/2019

We are ALWAYS on the lookout for the Best Boba Tea Places! WIN Bubble Tea in Nashville, Tennessee was super cool for FOUR reasons! First, they have a Self-Serve Topping Bar! So, that literally means you can add as many tapioca pearls as you want! Second, the teas are DELICIOUS! Third, the owner was AWESOME! Fourth, check out their swanky lounge, full of board games, card games, and other fun options! We planned on grabbing our teas and heading into downtown Nashville. But, instead, we ended up challenging each other to a Poker Tournament. Which, of course, I won! And…

2 AM Times Square – New York, New York – 05/15/2019

The City That Never Sleeps, indeed! Bright Lights, Big City, it’s 2am in Times Square!

Cloud Gate at Millennium Park – Chicago, Illinois – 05/08/2019

We finally made it to The Bean! We’ve driven by Cloud Gate in Millennium Park, oh, probably a hundred times in our travels… But, for some reason, it never worked out to be the right time to stop. But, we’ve definitely been trying to hone in on some of the super cool stuff we’ve missed over the years. And Cloud Gate was at the top of that list! I’m so glad we finally made it! Millennium Park was a blast, with so much to see and do. And Cloud Gate was pretty mesmerizing with all the unique angles of the…

We Let the Dawgs Out – “Flower Power” – Athens, Georgia – 05/01/2019

We Let the Dawgs Out is a public art exhibit that’s fun for all ages! Dozens of Bulldogs stand guard at businesses throughout Athens, Georgia, and each beckons you to come hang out and snap a fun photo with them! Can YOU find them all? We’re working on it! “Flower Power” is in Five Points, chilling between Hodgson’s Pharmacy and Jittery Joes!

Oconaluftee – Great Smoky Mountains National Park – Cherokee, North Carolina – 03/20/2019

We celebrated a GREAT First Day of Spring in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park! We drove from Gatlinburg, Tennessee to Cherokee, North Carolina on Newfound Gap Road, stopping to hike in a few spots such as Chimney Tops, Alum Cave, Newfound Gap, the Appalachian Trail, and Oconaluftee. But, for now, the road must go on! And next on the agenda is Cherokee, North Carolina! Happy Spring, Y’all!

Fun on the F Train – Carroll Gardens – Brooklyn, New York – 12/12/2018

Just doing a little of that morning coffee on the NYC Subway!

Birthday Fun at the Mall of Georgia – Buford, Georgia – 12/01/2018

A girl only turns 19 once, so it HAS to be special! And there’s definitely something special on the horizon in about two weeks… Stay tuned! But, for now, a 19 year old needs French Macarons, Taiwanese Bubble Tea, Japanese Pocky, and Hi-Chews, and Chinese Cuisine! A little impromptu “Trip Around the World” in the Mall of Georgia Food Court! Bubbleology Bubble Teas Woops! Macarons

Crooked Creek Falls – Valdez, Alaska – 07/31/2018

Oh, there are SO many wonderful waterfalls to explore in the Valdez area of Alaska! Where the Chugach Mountain Range meets the Prince William Sound is BREATHTAKINGLY GORGEOUS! As I put our notes together, I hope you will see why Valdez was OUR favorite stop in Alaska. So many people are quick to add Anchorage, Fairbanks, Denali, Seward, Kenai, and Homer to their To-Do Lists, and rightfully so, but we talked to so many families that weren’t sure Valdez was worth the time. Let me promise you, Valdez IS incredible!! And SO very worth your time! If you are planning…

Honeydew Bubble Tea at Popocha Tea House – Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada – 06/04/2018

No trip would be complete without Boba Tea! I mean, uh, no trip could start without Bubble Tea! Oh, heck, Honeydew Bubble Tea, what a way to welcome us to Canada! Our first stop in Winnipeg, getting started right!