Cassiopeia by Addison Karl – Knoxville, Tennessee – 10/29/2020

Knoxville, Tennessee has an incredible amount of street art.

Strong Alley / Graffiti Alley was actually one of my earliest experiences with appreciating murals and street art creations, and one of the reasons I fell in love with seeking Urban Canvas gems on ALL of our travels!

Cassiopeia by Addison Karl is a newer piece, and one I didn’t even know about until we were passing through Market Square in Downtown Knoxville, and our heads jerked back and we both exclaimed, “WHOA! Look at THAT! We’ve gotta see THAT!”

And then we pulled into the garage and jumped out to take a closer look!

And, WHOA is right!

Cassiopeia is Stunning!

And it’s HUGE!

Definitely an intriguing challenge to photograph in such a narrow alleyway!

If you’re interested in learning more about Artist Addison Karl, visit his site HERE at

It looks like he has several large scale humanitarian based pieces around the world.

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