Bubble Tea Light Bulbs & Matcha Strawberry Banana Chocolate Truffle Crepes – Crepe & Creme – Cookeville, Tennessee – 12/19/2018

Absolutely back for more! Another round of Bubble Tea in Crepe & Creme’s super awesome neon light bulb cups! And a Matcha Strawberry Banana Chocolate Truffle Crepe! Crepe & Creme in Cookeville, Tennessee, we love you so! 644 N Walnut AvenueCookeville, Tennessee 38501 Click on Any Photo for At Home Bubble Tea Ideas!

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Campfire Coffee – Jamestown, TN – 12/18/2018

Maple Spice Latte Caramel Mocha

Savory Crepes and Sweet, Sweet Boba Tea! – Crepe & Creme – Cookeville, Tennessee – 12/14/2018

Yes, indeedy. Our new favorite place that’s not TOO terribly far from the Tennessee house, and wildly AMAZING! You WILL see a LOT of this place in our Daily Grind! They have a nice variety of Milk Tea selections in a lot of the fruit flavors we enjoy. And they each come in these super neat light bulb containers that actually light up and blink in different neon colors! At NO extra cost! How cool is that? And the crepes, oh, we can’t get enough of those either! With hearty savory selections if you are needing a meal, and sweet-tooth…

Bambu Desserts & Drinks – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 12/13/2018

On our Philadelphia Quest for Boba Tea, we found Bambu. I didn’t realize until just now this is an actual franchise with multiple locations throughout the country. So, that’s good, right? You don’t have to wait until you get to Philly to try some Bambu for yourself! I also didn’t realize that we seriously underestimated our drink choices in this place. They certainly do offer an extensive array of Milk Teas and Boba add-ins, and that was fantastic. But being a more Vietnamese-inspired menu, I really feel like I should have taken more time to peruse the flavor options and…

Harry O’s Passyunk Gardens – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 12/13/2018

Beautiful murals showcase Urban Community Gardening at the South Philly intersection where Passyunk meets Wharton. Harry O’s Passyunk Gardens were created in 2011 for a taping of the Rachael Ray Show, with space generously donated by Maria Olivieri in honor of her father Harry “The Boss” Michael Olivieri. The murals were created by Delancey Berzin, as well as other artists listed on the wall that touches E. Passyunk. Such a fun little find! Philly has some INCREDIBLE street art! Have you captured any of the great murals throughout the city?

Cafe Crema Italian Coffee Shop – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 12/13/2018

This is, hands down, my FAVORITE guilty pleasure in ALL of Philadelphia! Cafe Crema Italian Coffee Shop, located in the Famous Italian Market on 9th Street near Passyunk Avenue, has some of THE most delectable Italian desserts we have EVER experienced! From Cannoli, to Gelato, to all sorts of Pastries and other delicacies to which I don’t even know the names… WOW. Every time we’re in the neighborhood to Cheesesteak at Geno’s and Pat’s, we ALWAYS stop by Cafe Crema and load up on rich Italian decadence! On this trip, we really did get a little carried away, as you…

Geno’s Steaks – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 12/13/2018

When in Philly, you MUST Cheesesteak! But, the truth of the matter is, they are all made differently, and there are lots of choices in meats, breads, cheeses, and toppings. So, you’re probably going to want to Cheesesteak more than once! There are lots of good Cheesesteak Shops throughout the Philly area. But, my personal recommendation is to head to Passyunk Avenue and 9th Street, and hit up BOTH Geno’s Steaks AND Pat’s King of Steaks, all on the same block. Try a few different combinations and get a genuine taste of some of Philly’s best Original Recipe Cheesesteaks! You’ll…

Pat’s King of Steaks – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 12/13/2018

We’ve cumulatively spent a few months in Philly over the course of the last two years. So, it stands to reason that we’ve made a sizable dent in sampling the Philly Cheesesteak Scene. For me, it’s impossible to pick a favorite. They each have slightly unique twists to the final product. They each have enough custom options available with meats, and cheeses, and toppings that they are all different enough that it’s hard to compare. So, basically, pick one and enjoy! But, if I was to be so forward as to suggest a win-win tasting experience, we tend to gravitate…

Starbucks Juniper Latte – Trenton, New Jersey – 12/13/2018

I’ve heard that the general public seems to have a pretty evenly divided Love/Hate Relationship with the seasonal Juniper Latte from Starbucks. We were just passing through the Trenton, New Jersey Turnpike Service Plaza when I happened to see a sign advertising what sounded pretty darned interesting to us. And, our verdict? Wow! We LOVED the fragrant, earthy flavor notes of the Juniper. It definitely tastes like Christmas in a cup of coffee! On our way up the Dempster Highway to Tuktoyaktuk, NWT on the Arctic Ocean, we were served steaming hot cups of homemade Spruce Tea that were absolute…

Defonte’s Sandwich Shop – Brooklyn, New York – 12/13/2018

Ah, yes! An absolutely, authentically amazing Brooklyn Hero Shop! Defonte’s has been slinging the best sandwiches in Red Hook, Brooklyn since the 1920’s. The people behind the counter, as well as the customers dining in, are just as much the heart of the Brooklyn experience as the sandwiches themselves. We’ve never met a kinder group of people that were just as thrilled about having us in their neighborhood as we were to be there! And the food? Incredible! We had a Hot Roast Beef and a Soppressata with Capicola and Provolone. Mmmmm!

The Hustle and Bustle of Times Square – New York, New York – 12/12/2018

The magic of Times Square… The City that Never Sleeps!

Broadway Sushi Rolls at Kodama Sushi – New York, New York – 12/12/2019

Broadway Sushi Rolls at Kodama Sushi was a FUN experience! We caught the afternoon performance of Kinky Boots at Al Hirschfeld Theatre, and right across the street we chanced across Kodama! This is another place where the food was so much more amazing than my lousy iphone photography can capture. But, suffice it to say, the plating of these rolls was unparalleled! This is the first time we had Black Rice Sushi, and we hope it isn’t the last! We HAD to indulge in the Kinky Boots Roll, and the Lion King Roll looked and sounded (and tasted) awesome as well!…

Times Square Eats – New York, New York – 12/12/2018

We meandered through Times Square on our way to Alysia’s Birthday Surprise. We couldn’t resist the quintessential late morning / early afternoon food cart snack… Pretzels and Hot Dogs, New York Style!

Camila’s Cafe – Brooklyn, NY – 12/12/2018

Fun on the F Train – Carroll Gardens – Brooklyn, New York – 12/12/2018

Just doing a little of that morning coffee on the NYC Subway!

Momofuku Milk Bar – Carroll Gardens – Brooklyn, New York – 12/12/2018

The Momofuku Milk Bar locations throughout New York City are a fun place to spoil your sweet tooth! Lattes, cookies, and other sweet drinks and desserts! This particular location looks like it has closed since we visited, but there are still several other great locations throughout the city to hook you up! If you’re looking for some sweetness in your life, grab a Birthday Cake Latte or a Cereal Milk Latte today! And check out all those cookie flavors!

Random Shots Throughout the Chelsea Market – New York, New York – 12/11/2018

Christmas is a fabulous time to visit the Chelsea Market! So many seasonal gifts, and decorations… So many kinds of candies and cookies from all over the world. And then, the regular shoppes and wares were also wonderful to peruse! All sorts of cultural fare, food, and gifts… Foods, snacks, desserts, drinks… The signs, the art… The ambiance! You can get it all, right here! And it feels MAGICAL!

Fat Witch Bakery – New York, New York – 12/11/2018

Fabulous sweet treats that hit the spot! New York City’s Legendary Brownies! Fat Witch Bakery located in Chelsea Market. Fat Witch Bakery fatwitch.com75 9th AveNew York, NY 10011212-807-1335

Li-Lac Chocolates in Chelsea Market – New York, New York – 12/11/2018

What a wonderful find in Chelsea Market! Li-Lac Chocolates is billed as Manhattan’s Oldest Chocolate House, and the Chelsea Market location did not disappoint! So much to choose from! Check out all the fantastic hand-made holiday creations! Chocolate snowmen, toy soldiers, Santa Clauses, and more! And the Marzipan! This is the first time I’ve ever actually seen it… The first time we’ve actually tried it. And it was INCREDIBLE! One of my new favorite foods, for sure!

Painted Rocks ROCK! – Watkinsville, GA – 12/02/2018

Yay! An awesome little Painted Rock Find in Watkinsville, Georgia this morning! And it even has a butterfly on it! All the way from the Coastal Cat Clinic of Saint Simons Island, Georgia, this definitely put a smile on my face and made my day!

Birthday Fun at the Mall of Georgia – Buford, Georgia – 12/01/2018

A girl only turns 19 once, so it HAS to be special! And there’s definitely something special on the horizon in about two weeks… Stay tuned! But, for now, a 19 year old needs French Macarons, Taiwanese Bubble Tea, Japanese Pocky, and Hi-Chews, and Chinese Cuisine! A little impromptu “Trip Around the World” in the Mall of Georgia Food Court! Bubbleology Bubble Teas Woops! Macarons