Savory Crepes and Sweet, Sweet Boba Tea! – Crepe & Creme – Cookeville, Tennessee – 12/14/2018

Yes, indeedy. Our new favorite place that’s not TOO terribly far from the Tennessee house, and wildly AMAZING!

You WILL see a LOT of this place in our Daily Grind!

They have a nice variety of Milk Tea selections in a lot of the fruit flavors we enjoy. And they each come in these super neat light bulb containers that actually light up and blink in different neon colors! At NO extra cost! How cool is that?

And the crepes, oh, we can’t get enough of those either!

With hearty savory selections if you are needing a meal, and sweet-tooth satisfying dessert crepes if you’re looking for some indulgence; they’ve got all the bases covered!

And it’s in Cookeville!

How much fun is that!

Check it out!

Crepe & Creme Cookeville

644 N Walnut Avenue
Cookeville, Tennessee 38501

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