Showcase of Citrus Album Five: Orange Picking in the Citrus Groves! – Clermont, Florida – 05/06/2021

High atop the list of our favorite things to do throughout the course of our homeschooling experience has always been agricultural experiences. Specifically, spending time on a farm, or in a field, picking fresh produce. We love going to the heart of the source of fruits, veggies, and other goodies!

So, finding a U-Pick Orange Grove at Showcase of Citrus in Clermont, Florida, just outside of Orlando, was such a delight!

Walking through the endless lines of orange trees, finding just the right shade of orange, and getting that satisfying pluck from the branch when you decide to make it yours… It’s an incredible feeling!

And what better place to see all those science concepts you’ve been teaching in action, talking while you walk and pick, tangibly understanding as you take it all in!

Seeds, germination, growth of the tree, parts of a plant, parts of the flower, pollination, growth of fruit, ripening of the fruit… Then, on the flip side, you’ve got decomposition, aided by decomposers such as the cute snails you’ll see below!

On top of that, you’ve got agriculture, economy, even a bit of industry, with the production of Orange Juice and other products.

Then, of course, health and nutrition, because oranges are a great source of Vitamin C, and a wonderful addition to any diet.

And, even more, think of food prep, and cooking. Maybe even using orange to create soaps, lotions, and other products. Flavoring for candies, teas, honey, toothpastes, and more…

And it all starts with a piece of fruit!

The very piece you hold in your hand!

So much fun!

Depending on the season, Showcase of Citrus has over 50 varieties of citrus ripening in their groves.

So, get out there and start picking!

Read more about our full day of adventures at Showcase of Citrus below!

Be sure to browse through all our photos and albums!

When in Central Florida, we all think of the theme parks. But, honestly, I HIGHLY recommend getting off the beaten path for a day to experience something a little more, well, Florida!

And The Showcase of Citrus, Florida’s Fresh Air Attraction® offers just that.

And a WHOLE lot more!

Start off with a property full of fun things to see and do, such as gem mining and watching the gators swim around the beautiful waterfront. Lots of photo opportunities abound with old tractors, a replica of the Southernmost Point Buoy in Key West, and even a giant shark.

Inside the Old Country Store, you can peruse everything from kitschy souvenirs; to local crafts, soaps, and more; to at least a dozen different kinds of unique local honey.

They have an ice cream counter, boasting their world famous Orange Creamsicles.

You will also find a full bar for the grown-ups; a cold brew coffee bar; and an acai smoothie bowl cafe.

But, wait, it gets better!

At this U-Pick Citrus Farm, you MUST grab a bag and head to the orchards for an incredible agricultural experience, as the kids pick fresh oranges straight from the trees!

Along the way, or when you are done picking, be sure to Feed the Farm Animals!

And, the best experience of all…

Wait for it….

Showcase of Citrus offers Safari Swamp Monster Truck Rides through their extensive acreage of orange groves, animal enclosures, and true Florida swamplands!

You can see domestic, exotic, and wild animals around every corner, as you bounce along in a behemoth open-air monster truck!

If you’ve been looking for that WOW item for your Florida itinerary, definitely check out Showcase of Citrus in Clermont, just outside of Orlando and the theme park areas.

Orange you glad you found this post?

You will be!

Because we spent the entire day here, and took so many photos, I’m breaking our experience down into multiple albums.

The first album is some of the fun stuff you will see throughout the property!

Next, check out the Ice Cream Counter and Cold Brew Coffee Bar!

Shop with us in the Old Country Store!

Let’s head to the farm to feed the animals!

Join us in the Orange Groves for some picking fun!

And, lastly, climb aboard the giant Monster Truck for a Super Swamp Safari!

Get a birds eye view of orange groves, wild animals, majestic birds, exotic species, and more!

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