Matcha Latte and Custard Filled Baby Boong Ah Bang from 2 PLUS 2 Bubble Tea + Ice Cream – Suwanee, Georgia – 11/15/2021

If we visit a Boba Tea Shop that doesn’t have any Vegan Alternatives, it helps to have a back up plan. No one wants to feel left out.

If Alysia and I try a new boba tea cafe, but Trillian can’t find anything on the menu, we’ll hunt down a tried-and-true place we know has something good for her!

2 PLUS 2 Bubble Tea + Ice Cream in Suwanee, Georgia is a GREAT back up plan!

They have lovely Matcha Lattes available with Almond Milk and Brown Sugar Tapioca Pearls so Trillian can have her boba and drink it, too.

Alysia loves the Baby Boong Ah Bang with Custard Filling, so it’s a win-win when we come here.

The shop is super cute, and has lots of Instagram-Friendly backdrops and trendy details throughout.

2 PLUS 2 Bubble Tea + Ice Cream is located right off the Suwanee Town Center, so incorporate some fun drinks or snacks next time you are headed to the park in Suwanee!

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