Carriage Ride Through New Orleans – New Orleans, Louisiana – 02/17/2010

One of my absolute favorite things to do in a city is to relax and enjoy a carriage ride!

I find them to be incredibly affordable, and a good value for the information your personal guide will share with you along the route.

A little local lore, mixed in with some unique historical facts.

You may very well get into side streets or tighter alleys that you might not otherwise access via car or on foot.

And if you, as a parent, are used to being the driver, the photographer, and the kid herder, all-in-one, carriage rides are a GREAT way for YOU to sit back, take a load off, and enjoy the sights, sounds, smells, and stories!

So, next time you are walking or driving through a city and see carriage rides available, consider checking them out!

They are fabulously exciting adventures for the kids, and can even be romantic in nature if you are hanging out for some adult fun!