National Wildlife Refuge Blue Goose Passport Program

Many of the units in the National Wildlife Refuge system have their own Junior Ranger, Junior Refuge Manager, and/or Junior Biologist Programs for which you can earn unique badges and patches just like in the National Park System!

Also, like their NPS cousins, the NWR system has a stamp program, known as the Blue Goose Passport Program.

In the National Parks, almost every location has an ink stamp available at the Ranger Station, or the Bookstore. There are a variety of books available for collecting these stamps, or you could really use any book or piece of paper to commemorate your visit.

Most of the 566+ National Wildlife Refuge locations also have an ink stamp available!

And if you are interested, they make a super cute little book that has a place to stamp for each location!

The books are usually available in NWR Bookstores and Gift Shops, for about $6 to $8…

But, if you are interested, you can also print out certain pages from this pdf file of the Blue Goose Passport Book, or all 277 pages if you’re feeling adventurous!

Either way, enjoy some time in your favorite National Wildlife Refuges!

With hiking, boating, birding, wildlife watching, and more, you are sure to create some AWESOME family memories!