Pajama Party in the Snow – Athens, Georgia – 01/21/2022

Some years it doesn’t snow in Georgia at all. This year, we’ve actually gotten quite a bit of snow. No matter how old you are, and no matter what time the snow rolls in, you’ve gotta go play in it! Need pajamas for your next Pajama Party in the snow? Click on the photo below!

My Attempt at a Charcuterie Board – Athens, Georgia – 01/20/2022

I’m certainly not the food artist of the family, but sometimes you just have to have a little fun with it! So, my attempt at a Charcuterie Board for the non-vegans of the family. Ham, Salami, Pepperoni, Mozzarella, White Cheddar, Cheddar, Brie, and three other cheeses I couldn’t pronounce even if I remembered what they were! And some almonds, pumpkin seeds, and crackers… I mean, it made a fun snack! If you’d like some REAL inspiration to make a charcuterie board for your next family gathering, click on any photo below!

Salted Marshmallow Cream Iced Latte – Athens, Georgia – 01/20/2022

Santa brought Trillian an Espresso Machine for Christmas, so we’ve been having all kinds of fun with it. Meaning, she makes all the drinks, and I get to drink them. Doesn’t get much more fun than that! This little creation here is a Lavazza Dark Roast Almond Milk Latte, flavored with Salted Caramel and Toasted Marshmallow flavor syrups. Santa also brought the awesome Autumn Cat Tree in the background. It’s a win-win. For more information on any of the goodies used here, click a photo or a link!

Cat Napping with Evangeline Star – Athens, Georgia – 01/16/2022

The newest addition to the gang is Little Miss Evangeline Star. She’s made herself right at home, and loves sleeping on our faces. She’s a little bit feisty, and a whole lotta sweet…. A purrrrfect fit for this family. For books about cats, click on any photo!

Iced Lattes and a Little Porch Sitting – Athens, Georgia – 01/14/2022

Blue skies and a mild morning call for some porch sitting with iced lattes. We’re definitely enjoying our new espresso machine that Trillian got for Christmas! This particular concoction is an Iced Vanilla Oat Milk Lavazza Italiano Latte. Lavazza Italiano Whole Bean BlendMonin Vanilla SyrupOatly Barista Edition Oak Milk Add some sunshine, your favorite coffee mug, and a rocking chair… And enjoy!

Vegan Snack Ideas: Cucumbers, Carrots, Salted Dill Toasted Pita, and Homemade Edamame Hummus – Athens, Georgia – 12/30/2021

Cucumbers and Carrots with Pink Sea Salt, Dill, and Nutritional Yeast Toasted Pita, with Homemade Edamame Hummus Click on any image below for more Healthy Snack Ideas, Hummus Recipes, Vegan Snack Ideas, and more! To check out more of Trillian’s Kitchen Creations, CLICK HERE!

Condor Chocolates Opens Downtown Choco Coffee Roasters Cafe + Factory Experience! – Athens, Georgia – 11/29/2021

After a great deal of anticipation, the sweetest new thing in Athens is finally here! On Washington Street, in the heart of Downtown Athens, Georgia, Condor Chocolates has just opened it’s brand new Choco Coffee Roasters Cafe + Factory! Gorgeously outfitted in a rustic-meets-modern industrial chic vibe, this counter service cafe offers all your favorite Condor brand chocolate truffles; chocolate bars; drinking chocolate; hot cocoa; locally-roasted coffee and espresso; and so much more! As convenient as the new downtown location may be, though, don’t just rush in and rush out! Grab your favorite hot or cold beverage from their extensive…

Happy Thanksgiving! Spending a Lovely Morning with Maple Tahini Sourdough and Turmeric Ginger Sourdough from Bishop Breads! – Athens, Georgia to Comer, Georgia – 11/25/2021

Have you ever gone hiking with two loaves of bread? That’s exactly what we did on this lovely Thanksgiving Morning! We are so very fortunate to know a very beautiful soul by the name of Julie. And Julie bakes the most unique, gorgeous, and amazingly delicious breads we’ve ever had! Julie bakes everything fresh, and by special order only, so we headed over bright and early this morning to pick up a rectangle loaf of Maple Tahini Sourdough and a round loaf of Turmeric Ginger Sourdough. These breads are absolute beauties to behold… They have HEARTS on them! AND, They…

Vegan Fall Flavors: Trillian’s Salted Caramel Pumpkin Oats – Pumpkin Oatmeal with a Side of Pumpkin Seed + Flax Granola, Topped with Locally Handcrafted Peanut Butter, Sea Salt Caramel Hummus, and a Raw Pumpkin Seed Garnish – Athens, Georgia – 10/16/2021

One of my favorite concoctions so far this fall season, fresh out of Trillian’s Kitchen this morning, is her Salted Caramel Pumpkin Oat Bowl. The base is a creamy pumpkin puree blended into vanilla almond milk rolled oats, with a side of Nature’s Path Organic Pumpkin Seed + Flax Granola. Topped with Georgia Grinders Handcrafted Natural Organic Crunchy Peanut Butter, with a dollop of Park Street Deli (ALDI) Sea Salt Caramel Hummus, and garnished with a sprinkle of Raw Pumpkin Seeds from Muddy Pond General Store in the Mennonite Community of Monterey, Tennessee. Think of a soft, warm oatmeal pumpkin…

Quaint Seasonal Shopping For ALL the Fall Flavors at Opa Robby’s Market – Athens, Georgia – 10/15/2021

Fall is in the air! And if you are anywhere in, near, or headed to North Georgia, one of the best local gems for all your fall shopping is Opa Robby’s Market, in Athens, Georgia, on Atlanta Highway, right in front of Target! Jellies, jams, ciders, soups, sauces, syrups, and sorghum! Pumpkins and peanuts! Muscadines and scuppernongs! Coffee and looseleaf teas! Cocoa kits, hot chocolate bombs, and decadent handmade chocolate candies! Local Honey! Even elderberry syrups, tonics, and spreads! Opa Robby’s Market has ALL the fun fall flavors! Looking to get cooking? Check out the local and regional produce, including…

Autumn Espressions – Find YOUR Favorite Fall Flavors with These 2021 Limited Edition Seasonal Coffee Specialty Drinks at Local Coffee Shops in Athens, Georgia!

Buvez Looking for the BEST Seasonal Drinks at a local coffee shop here in Athens, Georgia? We have the list for you! Find YOUR Favorite Fall Flavors With These 2021 Limited Edition Seasonal Coffee Specialty Drinks at Local Coffee Shops in Athens, Georgia! Click the name of the coffee shop to go directly to their website for more information on location, hours, and flavor availability! 1000 Faces Coffee * Apple Bottom Jeans (Hot or Cold) – Apple Cider Pumpkin Spice Latte – ginger, apple cider, brown sugar, nutmeg, pumpkin, cloves, and cinnamon Dark and Stormy – A coffee spin on…

Stargazer Lilies and Giant Sunflowers – Fun in Our Summer Garden! – Athens, Georgia – 07/11/2021

Stargazer Lilies and some kind of Giant Sunflowers! These lilies are my favorite flowers ever! They are huge, absolutely gorgeous, and smell DIVINE! The entire yard is full of their lovely fragrance! And the pattern on the sunflowers is really incredible. Observing such beauty in nature is stunning!

Easter Brunch at Mama’s Boy at the Falls of Oconee – Athens, Georgia – 04/05/2021

As our first on-site restaurant family-dining experience in well over a year, Easter Brunch at Mama’s Boy at the Falls of Oconee did not disappoint! Patio dining was well-spaced out for safety purposes, and the staff was doing their part with a smile to provide everyone a lovely experience. It was a beautiful day, indeed, to be enjoying our meal amidst the warm breezes, overlooking the falls below. Mama’s Boy sits high atop the confluence of Barber Creek and McNutt Creek, as they join, eventually flowing into the Middle Oconee River. With a variety of fun southern menu choices, we…

My Cocoa Cup Overfloweth – Athens, Georgia – 03/14/2021

Okay, so there is a reason I’m not actually employed as a barista of any sorts. I’m just a mom… Making sinfully sweet Ghirardelli hot cocoa… While squirting chocolate sauce all over the kitchen. But, you can’t go wrong with whipped cream on top! Messy kitchens make for overflowing hearts! And it’s the little moments that make life matter.

School Bus Graveyard 2021 – Alto, Georgia – 02/12/2021

Since the last time we visited the School Bus Graveyard in January of 2020, we’ve been wondering if the art always stayed the same, or if they ever switched any out. It’s a tough call, because it is certainly fun to witness fresh creations. But, also bittersweet to see old works of art painted over with something else. But, the answer is, yes, there ARE new designs for 2021 at the School Bus Graveyard! And some of them are pretty incredible! Check out Drake Arnold’s White Tiger with its stunning blue eyes! And NACK and ARM’s infamous little faces adorn…

Rose and Lavender Lattes from Hendershot’s Coffee/Bar/Music – Athens, Georgia – 01/11/2021

Hendershot’s Coffee/Bar/Music is an Athens Institution, indeed! From hot floral lattes with housemade syrups, and cozy herbal teas, to boldly roasted collaborated projects with Jittery Joe’s Coffee Roasters… (Check out 45 and 78!) From spirited cocktails, to open mic night… To the Athens Winter Community Market… Hendershot’s brings a lot to the table to keep Athens caffeinated, hydrated, fed, and entertained! And when those lovely lattes are served up by the esteemed Mr. Seth Hendershot himself, it makes the morning that much better! One of the greatest parts about living in Athens, Georgia, is that you’ve got a little music…

Homemade Vegan Waffles with Cranberry Syrup, Blackberry Jam, and Fruit – Athens, Georgia 12/21/2020

Breakfast this morning was a spread of homemade vegan waffles, with Wisconsin Cranberry Syrup, and Tennessee Mennonite Blackberry Jam; and a spread of apple and orange slices. Organic Unsweetened Coconut Chips from Trader Joe’s Uncle Mike’s Wisconsin Cranberry Maple Syrup Muddy Pond Wild Blackberry Jam And Trillian’s secret vegan waffle recipe! A pretty sweet way to start the day! Click on any link to learn more about the products we used, or any photo to try your hand at making Vegan Waffles!

Freezing Innocence – Athens, Georgia – 12/02/2020

It doesn’t often get too terribly cold in Georgia. Obviously, mild winters are a major draw of living or vacationing in the South. But, we do have our occasional overnight lows that lead to frozen mornings! First frost of the season, An unsuspecting chill, Enveloping the last remaining petals and leaves, Freezing them in their innocence. The juxtaposition of ice crystals, Adjacent the colors of autumn, The seasons of life. It’s metaphorical, for sure; to which anyone who has endured an unexpected loss in their life can attest. But, in the reflection, find the beauty. Where science and emotion cross…

Home-Baked Vegan Blueberry Muffins – Athens, Georgia – 06/12/2020

After our trip to Damn Good Dawg Farms in Watkinsville, Georgia for a little Blueberry Picking, we’ve been having a lot of fun whipping up some homemade blueberry goodness! Courtesy of the fabulous T’s Kitchen, we have some Vegan Blueberry Muffins!

Lunch: Trader Joe’s Whole Grain Pita and Spicy Hummus with Fresh Cucumbers – Athens, Georgia – 06/12/2020

Another lovely lunch from T’s Kitchen! Trader Joe’s Whole Grain Pita and Spicy Hummus with Fresh Cucumbers Yum! Vegetarian, Vegan, and Yummy!

A Walk in the Yard – Athens, Georgia – 06/12/2020

‘Tis the season for pretties to be growing in the yard! We actually think most of these were seeds from last year’s Butterfly Mix that didn’t bloom then… But, we sure do have tons of them now!

Blueberry Pickin’ at Damn Good Dawg Farms (DGD Farms) – Watkinsville, Georgia – 06/11/2020

It’s Blueberry Season in our neck of the woods! If you are looking for some AWESOME hands-on summer fun for the whole family in the Athens/Watkinsville, Georgia area, get on over to Damn Good Dawg Farms where good times are ripe and ready for pickin’! This quaint family-owned farm is harvesting three kinds of blueberries this year! The Alapaha, the Brightwell, and the Vernon. Alapaha Blueberries are a medium-sized, darker blue, named for the Alapaha (a-LAP-uh-ha) River in Southern Georgia. These berries are perfect for eating fresh off the vine, preparing healthy snacks, or freezing for more kitchen fun later in the season!…

Midnight Snack: Trader Joe’s Seeded Bread with Piedmont Provisions Carrot Bourbon Orange Marmalade and Vanilla Blueberry Preserves – Athens, Georgia – 06/12/2020

Mmmm! One of my favorite breads EVER! Especially for something that came from a grocery store! I will update when I can remember what the heck it was called! But, it was from Trader Joe’s, that much I know, and I thought it literally was called Trader Joe’s Healthy Bread, but I can’t seem to verify that right now! But, the yummy goodness we topped it with is from a local company here in Athens, known as Piedmont Provisions. They are regulars on the Farmers’ Market scene throughout Georgia, and they have their own shop in Winterville, Georgia. They make…

A Mother’s Day Tea Party – Bubble Cafe – Athens, Georgia – 05/09/2020

The girls treated my mom and me to a lovely Mother’s Day Tea Party! We headed into Downtown Athens, Georgia to pick up Donuts from Zombie Donuts, and tea from Bubble Cafe! I’ve been wanting to try the Butterfly Pea tea, and it was exquisitely lovely! A cool and refreshing fruity floral, without overbearing sweetness. With tapioca boba, of course! Grandma had a mango tea. The girls had honeydew and almond milk teas. The Butterfly Pea may very well be my new favorite drink! Thank you, ladies! It was a wonderful surprise treat!

Ice Cream Sandwiches from Lil’ Ice Cream Dude’s Cool World Ice Cream Shop – Athens Georgia – 03/31/2020

It’s not easy living in a pandemic world… But, Lil’ Ice Cream Dude’s awesome ice cream sandwiches help make it a whole lot cooler! Whenever we have to run out for errands, we always do our best to support a small, local business along the way. Today, we decided to stop by and pick up some delicious treats from our local Ice Cream Celebrity, Mr. Beau Shell, himself. Their order-online, curbside delivery service was seamlessly executed. We placed our order, paid, and waited for the door to open! Freshly prepared ice cream sandwiches were ready much sooner than the app…

Still Our Favorite Boba Tea! – Bubble Cafe – Athens, Georgia – 03/02/2020

Yep… Still our favorite! Honestly, of all the boba tea shops we have visited so far… Bubble Cafe in Athens, Georgia is STILL our very favorite. Red Velvet, Almond, and Honey Dew Milk Teas… The BEST lightly sweetened, perfectly chewy tapioca pearls… We love, love, love our Bubble Cafe! It’s so crazy to think, as much we LOVE Bubble Tea, that we are fortunate enough to have such an incredible location just down the street from the house! If you are in Athens, and looking for a sweet treat, support this place! UPDATED: Bubble Cafe has expanded into their NEW…

Taqueria Tsunami Latin-Asian Kitchen – Athens, Georgia – 03/02/2020

One of our absolute favorite places in Athens, Georgia is the Taqueria Tsunami Latin-Asian Kitchen. They have THE best selection of Latin-styled tacos, nachos, and other dishes, made with a variety of mouth-watering Asian flavors. We can’t get enough of their Korean Kogi BBQ, Bulgogi Steak, Tempura Shrimp, and Vietnamese Style Pork. So many flavors on this unique menu seamlessly unite into a magically delicious experience! Any time the girls have friends or family visit, this is their go-to place for experiencing a local meal in Athens. With fun college-town vibes, affordable prices, and mouth-watering flavor combinations, Taqueria Tsunami is…

The School Bus Graveyard – Alto, Georgia – 01/06/2020

We’ve been spending more and more time seeking out super cool street art projects around the country. But, wait, what? A School Bus Graveyard? The School Bus Graveyard is a junk yard in Alto, Georgia, full of old school buses that have been painted up by talented artists in and around the Athens, Georgia area. Alto is a small town about an hour north northwest out of Athens. If you are coming from Atlanta, Interstate 85, splits into I-985, which eventually becomes US23 / GA365. And just a hair past Jae-Mor Farms, you will find The School Bus Graveyard, an…

There is ALWAYS Something to be Thankful for… Happy Thanksgiving from Athens, Georgia – 11/28/2019

We celebrated Thanksgiving a day early in our house… Because sometimes life works out that way. But, before we joined each other in the kitchen to prepare our own meal, we spent the day filling Little Pantries around the Athens area with some Holiday Love. I don’t tell you this so you’ll laud our good deeds. However, I do share this in hopes you’ll notice something else. In downtown Athens, inside one of the Little Pantries that I personally see frequented by homeless in our area, I found something that completely warmed my heart. And I hope you, too, can…

A Little Hand-Made Athens Love at Opa Robby’s Market – Athens, Georgia – 11/27/2019

We try to shop at Opa Robby’s Market every week! The produce is awesome, the homemade food items are incredible… And all the local Athens-Made Art Work is so much fun to peruse! Athens, Georgia is most definitely a city full of unique artists, and I love how all of the local businesses and markets come together to support each other. Hand-Made LOVE is the best kind of LOVE! Consider supporting a local artist when YOU shop this year!

Thanksgiving Bread From Bishop Breads (Formerly RISE Baking Co) – Athens, Georgia – 11/27/2019

Mmmm… RISE Baking Co out of Athens, Georgia makes THE most wonderful naturally leavened sourdough bread loaves! We first found Julie at the Opa Robby’s Fall Market; and we bought an Olive Fig Loaf from her then, took it home, and absolutely DEVOURED it! She was set up at Opa Robby’s Market again today, and the timing was AWESOME. We grabbed a Cranberry Pecan and a Roasted Sweet Potato loaf… And it was a flawless compliment to our Thanksgiving Spread! At the end of dinner, the Sweet Potato bread was almost gone… And the Cranberry Pecan won’t make it past…

Midnight Snack: Beehive Cheese Barely Buzzed Utah Cheddar Rubbed with Espresso and Lavender – Athens, Georgia – 10/30/2019

Hand-crafted and aged Utah Cheddar rubbed with Espresso and Lavender… Beehive Cheese Barely Buzzed! Mmmm… Now that’s a snack!

Midnight Snack: Heart-Shaped Red Dragonfruit and Strawberries with Giant Blueberries in a Vanilla Yogurt Parfait – Athens, Georgia – 10/26/2019

Trillian does spoil me so! She brings me the best Midnight Snacks EVER! Heart Shaped Red Dragonfruit and Strawberries with Giant Blueberries. In a Heart-Shaped dish of Vanilla Yogurt… I love you, Baby!

A Little Tuesday Brunch at Mama Jewel’s Kitchen – Athens, Georgia – 10/22/2019

Ah, yes, another morning at a fabulous Athens restaurant… Athens, Georgia truly is THE Dining Destination of the South! I came to Mama Jewel’s this morning looking for some Chicken and Waffles, but I ended up not being able to resist the Smoked Salmon English Muffin, and the unique sound of the Ooey Gooey with housemade Jalapeno jelly and brie smothering a fried chicken breast! The service was awesome, of course, and the Southern Pecan Coffee was refillable!

Athens Farmers Market at Creature Comforts – Athens, Georgia – 10/09/2019

We enjoyed an evening at the Athens Farmers Market at Creature Comforts Brewing Company! Fresh produce, local products, and live music! Pretzels from The Comerian! Not pictured, but we also enjoyed locally brewed kombucha from Figment Kombucha, as well as ALL the honey from Bear Hug Honey Company! They have so many awesome flavors from which to choose! Athens, Georgia is always a great place to be! Looking for Family Friendly Things To Do in Athens, Georgia? We’ve got you! Check out the SPGFAN Athens, Georgia QUIKLIST here! Interested in seeing what our family has done here in Athens?Check out…

A Little Fall in the Air at Condor Chocolates – Athens, Georgia – 10/09/2019

There’s always a little something new on the menu at Condor Chocolates, so we try to stop in as often as we can! Maybe a little too often, sometimes! But, then again, you can never have too much incredible melt-in-your-mouth Condor flavor… This really is an absolute gem of a place in the Five Points Neighborhood of Athens! Bourbon, Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Ginger Honey, Mayan Chocolate, Mocha, Raspberry, and Hazelnut Orange Truffles… With a Chocolate Caramel Latte… And a cup of absolutely DIVINE Sipping Chocolate with Hand-Crafted Marshmallows. If you’ve never had Sipping Chocolate, do yourself a glorious favor, and…

Historic Athens Porchfest – Athens, Georgia – 10/06/2019

There are a LOT of super cool things about living in Athens, Georgia. Historic Athens Porchfest has to be the COOLEST! Throughout four historic neighborhoods, Pulaski Heights, Newtown, Boulevard, and Buena Vista, almost 70 bands played on 70 porches throughout the day. And the schedule culminated with a very exciting event on the porch of Athens Mayor, Kelly Girtz! How’s that for community?! This was the first event of this type here, and hopefully it’s not the last! I’d love to see them do this regularly throughout the year. But, at the very least, I think we ALL have high…

A Secret Garden – Athens, Georgia – 09/28/2019

It is amazing, the worlds that come alive, when you pay attention to the details! You can take a walk through the garden… Or, you can use your imagination to enter an entirely new dimension, full of emotions just as powerful as our own… Fear, pain, longing… Comfort, empathy… Relaxation… Joy… Whimsy… Magic… What do you see? What does it make YOU feel?

Hand-Rolled Roasted Sweet Potato Sushi – Athens, Georgia – 09/01/2019

Bubble Cafe – Athens, Georgia – 08/31/2019

Bubble Cafe – Athens, GA We travel far and wide to experience the best boba drinks. But, it’s unspeakably awesome to know we have such an incredible little boba cafe right in the heart of Downtown Athens, Georgia! Bubble Cafe has some of the more unique drink flavors we’ve seen anywhere! Today’s Splurge: Horchata Milk TeaPistachio Milk TeaRed Velvet Milk Tea All with tapioca boba! And all refreshingly delicious!

Moms Can Have Fun, Too! – Athens, Georgia – 07/31/2019

Because, sometimes, Moms just wanna have some fun, too! And, in Athens, what better way to enjoy a few laughs than hunting for the Bulldog Statues!

Marker Seven Coastal Grill – Athens, Georgia – 07/31/2019

We started the evening with the Hawaiian Scallops – Seared Diver Scallops with a Pineapple Salsa, finished with a Balsamic Glaze and Spicy Candied Bacon. Next, came two seared Blue Claw Crab Cakes topped with Remoulade, with sides of Sweet Potatoes and Cheese Grits. And one of my all time favorite meals, my typical go-to if it’s on the menu, Shrimp & Grits! Yum! Shrimp, Crawfish, Andouille Sausage, Onions, Peppers, and Tomatoes in a savory sauce, served over Red Mule Grits, with a side of Asparagus…. We are so very fortunate to have access to such incredible restaurants here in…

Home Grown Salad! – Athens, Georgia – 06/26/2019

Mmmm! Salad from our own garden! Pay no attention to the four green beans… And, yes, we grew that cheese! And the bacon. Maybe not. But, the rest is all ours!

A Sunflower Visitor – Athens, Georgia – 06/26/2019

We have so many beautiful sunflowers in the yard this year! And they do attract some awesome visitors!

We Let the Dawgs Out – “Flower Power” – Athens, Georgia – 05/01/2019

We Let the Dawgs Out is a public art exhibit that’s fun for all ages! Dozens of Bulldogs stand guard at businesses throughout Athens, Georgia, and each beckons you to come hang out and snap a fun photo with them! Can YOU find them all? We’re working on it! “Flower Power” is in Five Points, chilling between Hodgson’s Pharmacy and Jittery Joes!

The Tree That Owns Itself – Athens, Georgia – 05/01/2019

At the corner of South Finley and Dearing Streets in Athens, Georgia, The Tree That Owns Itself, according to legend, has legal ownership of itself and all land within eight feet of its base. The original White Oak Tree, also called the Jackson Oak, is thought to have started life in the 1500’s. In the 1830’s, Colonel William H. Jackson loved the tree so much, and wanted to ensure its perpetuity; so he deeded the tree unto itself. In 1942, the original was downed by a storm, but a new tree was grown from one of its acorns, and planted…

Purple Irises – Athens, Georgia – 03/25/2019

We bought the Athens House in December 2017, and started moving in around February 2018. How did we know this was absolutely the house for us, and that everything was meant to be? Because in March, our yard came alive with flowers in Ribby’s two favorite colors… Purple and Yellow. Now, a year later, in March of 2019, these Purple Irises in our yard bring a little warmth to my heart. My baby girl is with us every season, every step of the way. Love you, Ribby. Miss you so very much, my precious Baby…

Sapphira The Keyboard Warmer – Athens, Georgia – 03/25/2019

Sapphira doing what Sapphira does BEST! Keeping those keyboards nice and warm! Thanks, Girl! Keep up the GREAT work!

Opening Day at the Athens Farmers Market – Athens, Georgia – 03/23/2019

Yay! It was Opening Day at the Athens Farmers Market in Bishop Park in Athens, Georgia. We’ve been looking forward to this event for QUITE a while! We absolutely LOVE all things fresh produce, but, surprisingly, incorporating purchases from Farmers Markets is a relatively newer thing for us. And I am even more ashamed to admit that, because, growing up, my Grandfather ran a produce stand in Martinez, Georgia; and I have countless fond memories of spending afternoons with him while he worked. Setting up tempting displays of the brightest tomatoes or the greenest peppers; helping customers make their selections;…

Tulips at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia – Athens, Georgia – 03/23/2019

Such a perfect Spring Day to be checking out the State Botanical Garden of Georgia, also known as the UGA Botanical Garden, as it is a part of the University of Georgia here in Athens. Enjoy a few shots of these stunningly gorgeous Tulip Beds! We were certainly enamored by their beauty while taking these pictures! Happy Spring!

Cali N Tito’s Eastside – Athens, Georgia – 03/03/2019

Holy Fiesta! This place is AMAZING! I’ve always loved Cali N Tito’s on Lumpkin Street in Athens, but a lot of our friends are always hyping up the Eastside location like it was something made of pure magic. And, WOW, is it EVER! There are few words to describe this absolute gem of an establishment located on a side of town I don’t tend to frequent very often. But, if you’ve ever been to Mexico in Epcot Center, it delivers much of the same incredibly festive ambiance! Once I get to the point where I’m writing Pinterest-worthy “Top Destination” lists,…

Ike & Jane Café and Bakery – Athens, Georgia – 02/27/2019

We drive through super funky Normaltown almost every single day that we are in town. It is, hands down, our favorite neighborhood in Athens, Georgia. Ike & Jane Café and Bakery has been on our to-do list since we moved in. Today was the day! And it was an extra fun time to go because they were in the midst of celebrating their Tenth Anniversary, and I never say no to a Birthday Cake Latte! Trillian had a Raspberry Mocha, and Grandma kept it simple with her Hazelnut Mocha. Our drinks were great, but we all agree, the heart of…

Pauley’s Original Crepe Bar – Athens, Georgia – 02/26/2019

If you are looking for sweet and/or savory crepes in a festive atmosphere to satisfy your cravings, Pauley’s Original Crepe Bar in Athens, Georgia is AMAZING! To hit the savory spot, we ordered a Buffalo Chicken and a Chicken Club. And for our sweet spot, Bananas Foster, Strawberry & Nutella, and S’mores! With great quality ingredients, cooked to perfection, and then artfully plated just for you, Pauley’s crepe creations are an Athens Must-Eat! Pauley’s www.pauleyscrepebar.com134 E Clayton StAthens, GA 30601 706-549-0034

Jittery Joe’s Broad Street – Athens, Georgia – 02/25/2019

We took a day away from the grind to hang out with our friends at Nuci’s Space; and then we grabbed a cup of Better-Late-Than-Never Valentine’s-Inspired Jittery Joe’s Goodness! We relaxed on the patio; enjoying the beautiful Georgia weather, people-watching the hustle and bustle on Broad, and sipping away on our Red Velvet Lattes! Happy Late Valentine’s Day to US!

1000 Faces Coffee Brew School: Coffee & Chocolate Sensory Tasting – Athens, Georgia – 02/23/2019

We LOVE coffee and chocolate of ALL kinds, don’t get me wrong. But, we are constantly honing our skills to that of professional level connoisseurs. When we say something is good, and that you should check it out, we mean it! And we want you to trust us! With that being said, Trillian and I experienced our first Brew School as hosted by 1000 Faces Coffee in Athens, Georgia. We were blown away with the absolute professionalism and astounding knowledge of our fabulous Brew School Host, Julie. Julie isn’t just a barista pulling extra hours, and smiling big for the…

UGA Baseball – Athens, Georgia – 02/23/2019

We are definitely a family of Baseball Lovers! It is our ultimate goal to get to a home game for every MLB team and fully experience each team’s home ballpark; but we also really enjoy checking out a variety of college teams as well. Today, we caught the University of Georgia Bulldogs taking on the University of Massachusetts Lowell River Hawks. We have a house rule that wherever we are, we root for the Home Team. But, we do have a soft spot for Lowell, Massachusetts, and, of course, anything with the word “River” in it’s name is going to…

Friendly Neighborhood Heathens – Athens, Georgia – 02/16/2019

The best part of having Athens, Georgia as a home base is all our fabulous neighbors! It’s always a pleasure to work with area non-profit, Nuci’s Space, to help further their mission of making mental health resources, as well as medical resources, more readily available for area artists and musicians that may otherwise find themselves without proper access to such services. Throughout the year, Nuci’s Space holds many fundraising events, dinners, auctions, concerts, and more. We always do our best to support their efforts. And our favorite annual event is the Drive-By Truckers HeAthens Homecoming Pre-Party and Auction. It’s always…

The SPGFAN Office – Athens, Georgia – 01/04/2019

Ahhhh… It’s FINALLY coming together! IKEA, Lowe’s, Best Buy, and a little something I made myself… Don’t judge me on my cord management skills! And, the trim still needs some work… And, the ceiling… And, the…. Oh, heck, it will ALWAYS be a work in progress!

Jittery Joe’s – Watkinsville, GA – 11/29/2018

Coffee Break. Vanilla Rose Breve for the Muggle Butter Beer Breve for Trillian Potter

Condor Chocolates – Athens, Georgia – 05/05/2018

When we heard there was a chocolatier here in Athens, we had to check it out ASAP! We were quite pleased to find a classy, unique experience, that fully embodies Athens’ commitment to delivering the highest quality products possible, while maintaining ethical, economic sustainability in the process. If you are looking for an exquisite tasting experience, Condor Chocolates offers a variety of truffles, chocolates, and hot drinks from some of the finest cacao in the world! Stop by and take in authentic Bean-to-Bar Ecuadorian Chocolate excellence on your next stop in the Five Points area of Athens, Georgia! Condor Chocolates…

1000 Faces Coffee – Athens, Georgia – 05/05/2018

With our home base in Athens, Georgia, we have no shortage of GREAT coffee to keep us fueled while we are hard at work building the SPG Family Adventure Network! 1000 Faces came pretty highly recommended when we first moved to town, and it has since become a personal favorite because of their dedication to the mindfulness of the coffee experience. To the coffee drinker, they deliver a high quality, ethically-sourced product. But they also regularly engage in community education by focusing on various aspects of the entire coffee process, from growing, to sourcing, to purchasing, to roasting, and to…

Zombie Coffee and Donuts – Athens, Georgia – 04/26/2018

One of our favorite Go-To Indulgences in Downtown Athens, Georgia is Zombie Coffee and Donuts, right on Broad Street, in the middle of it all. Custom-made donuts are limited only by YOUR imagination, and are made by choosing: * A chocolate or vanilla donut * Your preference of flavored icing, glaze, or sugar * Any variety of toppings that excite you! The possibilities are ENDLESS! And best of all, no matter what you build, the donuts are less than $2 each! And if these bespoke treats aren’t enough of a sugar rush, check out Zombie’s selection of hot and cold…

Starting the Jittery Joe’s Coffee Collection – Jittery Joe’s Broad Street – Athens, Georgia – 09/08/2017

When in Athens, you must grab a cuppa’ from Jittery Joe’s. Or a canna’… Especially with the Limited Edition Collectible Coffees from Athens favorite local roaster. Attack the Day with the Georgia Bulldogs, And then stay Up All Night with Widespread Panic… It doesn’t get much more Athens than that!

Zombie Coffee & Donuts – Athens, Georgia – 08/25/2017

You know you’re going to have a good night when custom-made Zombie Donuts are on the menu! Yum! One of our favorite Athens treats!

Utage Sushi Bar – Athens, Georgia – 08/25/2017

Mmmm… Sushi. I rarely have words to describe it. But I sure do love it. And Utage Sushi Bar is a GREAT place in Athens to partake!