Still Our Favorite Boba Tea! – Bubble Cafe – Athens, Georgia – 03/02/2020

Yep… Still our favorite!

Honestly, of all the boba tea shops we have visited so far…

Bubble Cafe is STILL our very favorite.

Red Velvet, Almond, and Honey Dew Milk Teas…

The BEST lightly sweetened, perfectly chewy tapioca pearls…

We love, love, love our Bubble Cafe!

It’s so crazy to think, as much we LOVE Bubble Tea, that we are fortunate enough to have such an incredible location just down the street from the house!

If you are in Athens, and looking for a sweet treat, support this place!

UPDATED: Bubble Cafe has expanded into their NEW Broad Street Location inside the old Taco Stand location.

We’re obviously crushed to lose the Athens institution that was the Downtown Taco Stand.

But, I’m thrilled to see Bubble Cafe making use of the space, and I wish them the very best!

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