Exploring The Field Museum – Chicago, Illinois – 05/16/2018

The most important thing to keep in mind when visiting The Field Museum in Chicago, is that it is a LOT bigger than it looks on the outside!

If you really want to absorb the information provided in the exhibits, I would genuinely recommend narrowing your visit down to one or two exhibit halls, and pacing yourself accordingly.

You can certainly walk through at a quicker pace and SEE it all in one day.

But, over the years, we’ve found our groove with focusing on one section at a time, and allowing ourselves the unpressured time to read the signage; observe the intricate details of each artifact or specimen; and talk about things as we see them.

We love to analyze and compare, while considering the relationships of the people, the culture, the time periods, the environments….

There is SO much here, with all of the vast collections on display…

However you decide to pace yourself, just make sure you ENJOY!

The Field Museum in Chicago is most definitely one of THE world’s most iconic history museum destinations!

Any time we are in Chicago, we do our best to stop by The Field and spend at least a few hours here!

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