Frybread Navajo Tacos at Chee’s Indian Store – Houck, Arizona – 10/27/2017

We first discovered the amazing experience of Indian Frybread in Cherokee, North Carolina on the Cherokee Indian Reservation. Chee’s Indian Store, just off of Interstate 40, not long after you cross the Arizona border headed West from New Mexico, offers a fun store full of local arts and crafts; as well as a food stand offering Navajo Tacos on delicious frybread. If you’re looking for a sweet tooth fix, you can also get your frybread covered in honey and/or powdered sugar. Inside the store, you can make hot tea; and for the take-home, we purchased a box of the Yanabah…

Cadillac Ranch – Amarillo, Texas – 10/26/2017

Anytime we’re headed out west, we HAVE to stop by Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas, just on the South Side of Interstate 40, as it parallels Historic Route 66. This here is Quintessential Americana at it’s finest. Cars. Buried in the Ground. Covered in Spray Paint. That is all. Somewhere in the photo vault, I have lots of fun pictures of a handful of our adventures here. But, from this day in particular, headed out to Vegas, here are two shots for posterity.