Neighborhood Painted Rock Scavenger Hunt – Athens, Georgia – 03/26/2020

Our Neighborhood Association maintains a Facebook Group, and I saw a message from a family whose young children decided to…

Midnight Snack: Beehive Cheese Barely Buzzed Utah Cheddar Rubbed with Espresso and Lavender – Athens, Georgia – 10/30/2019

Hand-crafted and aged Utah Cheddar rubbed with Espresso and Lavender… Beehive Cheese Barely Buzzed! Mmmm… Now that’s a snack!

Midnight Snack: Heart-Shaped Red Dragonfruit and Strawberries with Giant Blueberries in a Vanilla Yogurt Parfait – Athens, Georgia – 10/26/2019

Trillian does spoil me so! She brings me the best Midnight Snacks EVER! Heart Shaped Red Dragonfruit and Strawberries with…

Home Grown Salad! – Athens, Georgia – 06/26/2019

Mmmm! Salad from our own garden! Pay no attention to the four green beans… And, yes, we grew that cheese!…

A Sunflower Visitor – Athens, Georgia – 06/26/2019

We have so many beautiful sunflowers in the yard this year! And they do attract some awesome visitors!

Purple Irises – Athens, Georgia – 03/25/2019

We bought the Athens House in December 2017, and started moving in around February 2018. How did we know this…

Sapphira The Keyboard Warmer – Athens, Georgia – 03/25/2019

Sapphira doing what Sapphira does BEST! Keeping those keyboards nice and warm! Thanks, Girl! Keep up the GREAT work!

A Top Down Kind of Day! – Jamestown, Tennessee – 03/20/2019

Ahhhh… The first day of Spring! A nice morning to put the top down and enjoy sunshine and blue skies!

The SPGFAN Office – Athens, Georgia – 01/04/2019

Ahhhh… It’s FINALLY coming together! IKEA, Lowe’s, Best Buy, and a little something I made myself… Don’t judge me on…