Neighborhood Painted Rock Scavenger Hunt – Athens, Georgia – 03/26/2020

Our Neighborhood Association maintains a Facebook Group, and I saw a message from a family whose young children decided to paint some rocks and place them around the neighborhood scavenger hunt style!

Yes! How cool is that?

I am an absolute painted rock fanatic, so this was PERFECT for us!

Trillian and I grabbed our shoes and made a mad dash for the door!

The post had “clues” for the locations for all 16 rocks, but we decided we would take a run through first to see how many we could find on our own without the clues.

After the first 5, I decided it would be more logical to have some idea if we were doing well, or if we would need to retrace our steps completely.

So far, so good! But, I definitely would have missed the next one, and probably the next few after that, if I hadn’t taken a peek!

Trillian and I found all 16 rocks, and here are there photos!

We really enjoyed this activity, and if I get a chance to wrangle up some paint, I’d definitely love to add a few more to the collection for everyone else to find!

We have another neighbor doing the Heart Challenge. And my mom wants us to do the Teddy Bear Challenge.

So, we need to get on it!

Thanks, guys!

We REALLY enjoyed this!