THINK FUN: The Best Homeschool Materials for YOUR Homeschool Classroom! – Toys, Games, Books, and Supplies to Maximize YOUR Family’s Funschool Efficiency!

After 22+ years of educating my 4 kids, we have tons of recommendations for the best, and often overlooked, products for Maximizing Your Family’s Fun Efficiency in YOUR Homeschool Classroom!

The world truly was (and still is!) our classroom! Both inside and outside of the home, our Homeschool Experience was very unique; and never did look much like anyone else’s way of doing things.

We were, and continue to be, a free-wheeling, unstructured, eclectic, heavily child-led sort of bunch… In all aspects of life.

Maybe you strive for the same, or maybe you do prefer a bit more structure to your days…. All methods can be awesome. But we would definitely like to do our best to introduce you to some fun products and ideas that you may consider incorporating into YOUR classroom for some extra learning fun!

Each of the products you will see focus heavily on instilling logic; encouraging thinking skills; and facilitating the unbridled use of creativity, exploration, imagination, and MORE.

There are plenty of resources out there for diagramming sentences, but we believe through creativity, imagination, and PLAY, that kids learn more than they ever will from the pages of a book.

So, take a look below, and see what might work for you!

Sliding Pattern Puzzle Logic Game

I’m not so good with grouping things by age or grade, so feel free to browse around to make sure you can find the most ideas possible from these lists!

Many of the products you will see listed are books, games, toys, and supplies we did indeed own and utilize in our own personal classroom. Others are items I have done my best to research for quality, satisfaction, and value.

But, as always, click on any photo for more information from the manufacturer, publisher, maker, or seller, to get the most current and accurate details for each product.

Bookmark this index page, and check back often, as we will always be adding more!

22 years teaching 4 kids…

We have a LOT of cool stuff to recommend!

Grab your favorite beverage and add some of these goodies to your Shopping Cart today!








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