What’s in a Name?

A lot of thought goes into a name…

My first kid was 3 days old before we finally decided on what to call her…

Alysia Laurenne!

And the nurse came in, asking for the hundredth time what to put on her birth certificate…

And I blurted out

Alysia Nicole!


And, to this day, 20 years later, we mostly just call her by her nickname.


So, all that to say, you can imagine how much time and effort went into naming this site!

I’ve actually been trying to buy the Smiles Per Gallon domain name for over 13 YEARS! But, it’s never been available!

But the Family Adventure Network part is just as important!

And, here, we break it down, word by word, in hopes that the Smiles Per Gallon Family Adventure Network might mean as much to you and your family as it does to me and mine!


  1. a pleased, kind, or amused facial expression, typically with the corners of the mouth turned up and the front teeth exposed.

For us, a SMILE is the ultimate, pure, unfettered reaction to engaging in a state of being that brings you JOY!

And we want to do everything we can to inspire you to live a life, fully engaged in the deliberate act of seeking that which makes you happy!

Life is hectic.

The mundane can demand so much of our attention. Drain us of our time.

But, if we had a regular resource in our life, reminding us to make time for what matters, would you find value in that?

We hope so!

Because that’s why we’re here!


  1. for each (used with units to express a rate)

It sounds like a simple word…

But, it carries a great deal of meaning!

We want you to SMILE!

To fully engage in that deliberate state of joy…

Not just occasionally…

But, FOR EACH moment!

Let joy be your constant state!


  1. a unit of liquid capacity equal to 3.79 liters.
  2. a large volume of something.

For us, a GALLON represents that thing that you do!

Your adventure! Your meaning! Your purpose! Your motivaton!

A GALLON is you, and that effort in which you invest into your happiness!


So, all together, SMILES PER GALLON is about finding your happiness, everywhere, all the time!

Be deliberate in the things that matter to you!

Whether your passion lies in traveling to the far ends of the globe to dance on glaciers, or dine with indigenous tribes in distant lands…

Or, if you get giddy in the scrapbook aisle of Hobby Lobby, thinking of all the super cool layouts you have planned to preserve your kids’ moments…

Or, maybe you feel most alive in a kitchen, whipping up anything from the trendiest haute cuisine, to Grandma’s tried-and-true family favorite recipes…

Maybe you are an artist, and life is your canvas…

Or an author, and the written word is your gift to the world…

Or you love to build, learn, read, create…


Adventure is limitless!

Adventure isn’t just TRAVEL!

Adventure is that which lights your soul on fire!

The passion that defines YOU!

And Family?

Family isn’t just tots and car seats!

Family is who you are with!

Family is who you LOVE!

There’s no age limit on ADVENTURE!

There’s no time frame on FAMILY!

We’re here to share our smiles!

We’re here to inspire!

To fill our tanks!

We want you to get the most Smileage out of your adventures!

Maximize YOUR Fun Efficiency with SPGFAN!


What’s YOUR Adventure?

What Brings YOU Joy?

Welcome to the Network!

The Smiles Per Gallon Family Adventure Network!

Zoom Zoom!

Oh, and about that nickname?



Smiles Per Gallon Family Adventure Network is a mouthful!

And just saying or typing SPGFAN is so much easier!


www.spgfan.com it is!


www.spgfamilyadventurenetwork.com gets you here, too!


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  1. I love seeing all the things you do with your children. It makes me smile that they know you love them so. I really like the picture of you in the corvette.

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