Road Trip Teacher

Road Trip Teacher

Road Trip Teacher is an educational resource developed for families on the road who want to take their kids on a learning road trip. It is designed to be used by anyone who wants to learn about a destination in the USA. Whether you are on a day trip, a weekend destination or are living full-time on the road, Road Trip Teacher has products to keep you learning one mile at a time.

Unit studies are written, edited and published by Road Trip Teacher as destinations are traveled by Mary Beth Goff and her family of 6. Many photos used in the publications and throughout the blog are actual photographs from recent travels. Most affiliate products sold through the Road Trip Teacher Learning Shop are used by members of the family. Other products sold through this site are either made by Road Trip Teacher or have been hand-picked exclusively as a resource.

All unit study downloads include fact-based history and information about the subject destination; however, there is also related subject material including but not limited to science, social studies, vocabulary, and art. Many unit studies include a biblical reference with an alternate non-biblical component in the lapbooking section of the guide.

Road Trip Teacher will arm your rig with all the facts!