Hygge, Gokstad, and a Kringle! And a Whole Lotta Danish Deliciousness! – O&H Danish Bakery – Racine, Wisconsin – 07/06/2022

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If you’ve ever driven along Interstate 94, just across the Illinois border, and into Wisconsin, you’ve probably seen the signs for O&H Danish Bakery in the Racine and Sturtevant areas.

I’ve seen the signs…. And I’ve been wanting to stop for a while now.

And, hey, we FINALLY did!

And, oh, wow!

It’s pretty incredible!

The bakery itself in the Sturtevant location is just a small vignette of a counter inside a Petro Travel Plaza, but don’t let it’s micro-appearance fool you. The flavor packed in this tiny space is AMAZING.

Danish Kringle, available in a mind-boggling myriad of flavors and toppings, is the star of the show here at O&H. But their entire collection consists of Danish Butter cookies, classic comfort cookies, filled doughnuts, pastries, eclairs, cakes, coffee cakes, breads, and more… And ALL are all worthy of loading up on to share with friends and family!

Don’t forget a piping hot mug of Hygge or Gokstad; or even a smooth, dark cup of Nitro Cold Brew.

We were here first thing in the morning, and it looks like you’d need to be if you want the best selection of fresh Kringle! By the time the cashier opened the register, the line was almost out the door! I have a feeling folks are coming from near and far to be the first in line every morning for this Danish goodness!

And I can see why!

It was so hard to pick just one, but, on the other hand, Cherry Cheese Kringle was a no-brainer sort of decision for me. Mmmm….

We stocked up on chocolate-covered and cream filled doughnuts; and topped off the box with a blueberry cream cheese pastry.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the experience, but when I took my first bite of Kringle, I immediately understood what all the fuss is about!

Warm and sweet, yet buttery, mouth-watering perfection to the light, flaky, icing-adorned golden crust; swirled with the creamiest of cheese filling; punctuated by the delightfully bright Wisconsin cherry tang!

Kringle is such an exquisite cultural treasure, that you almost don’t even need any of the other doughnuts and pastries. But, all in all, our personally curated collection of sweet, sweet Danish goodness kept our bellies filled on the road for quite a while!

O&H Danish Bakery is a new Must-Stop for us when passing through Southeastern Wisconsin!

For breakfast, dessert, or just some unforgettable road trip munchies, put a little Kringle Hygge in your life at O&H Danish Bakery!

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