Trapped in a Daydream: A Seonghwa Birthday Cafe Event at Oolong Bubble Teahouse – Kennesaw, Georgia – 04/03/2021

Our second K-Pop Fan Event for the day was another Birthday Celebration for Seonghwa from the group ATEEZ.

Hosted at Oolong Bubble Teahouse in Kennesaw, Georgia, there were custom drinks, raffles, contests, prizes, and more.

Several Fan Vendors were onsite, and the girls purchased some beautiful collectible pins.

Alysia won an ATEEZ album from the raffle, which was helping to raise money for Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Atlanta, the first legal advocacy nonprofit dedicated to the civil rights of AANHPI in Georgia and the Southeast.

As members of the Atlanta K-Pop fan group, we got even more awesome photo cards and other freebies. While there wasn’t a specific cup sleeve for this event, they were passing out cup sleeves from a previous ATEEZ event. So, we did get a few of those.

The venue, Oolong Bubble Teahouse, is a super cute anime and manga themed Bubble Tea Cafe, with an impressive character mural, and other fun elements throughout.

They do have a “standard” menu of fruit teas, milk teas, and lemonades, but they also have an actual Anime Menu, with unique drink choices if you’d like to try something from your favorite fandom!

Check out their adorable cups! And they have an entire line of merch with their own cute characters!

Alysia had a Thai Tea with Rainbow Jelly, I had the Mango Milk Tea with Regular Tapioca Pearls, and Trillian did a Coconut Milk Tea (with coconut milk substitute) with Coffee Jelly.

And, all were deliciously refreshing, of course!

All in all, we had a good time with fellow Atlanta-area ATEEZ fans, celebrating Seonghwa’s birthday.

Happy Birthday, Seonghwa, with love, from Atlanta!

For more information on ATEEZ music and merch, click on any photo below.

If you’re in the Kennesaw area and looking for a cool place to hang out with your favorite anime heroes, be sure to stop by Oolong Bubble Teahouse!

Young girl in a blue striped shirt with very long light blonde hair wearing a black mask and black headband, standing in front of a pink flower filled background, holding a cup of purple taro coconut bubble tea in one hand, and an orange thai coconut bubble tea in the other hand. Both have black tapioca boba balls in the bottom.

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