Candy Bar Lattes From Scooter’s Coffee – Kearney, Nebraska 09/18/2018

Apparently Scooter’s Coffee is a big deal in Nebraska, and a little bit beyond.

I’m used to seeing a Starbucks or a Dunkin’ Donuts on every corner.

On average, we prefer avoiding those corporate locations, even if they are franchises, in favor of exploring locally and independently owned coffee shops. But this trip has been a fun way to experience other larger, more noteworthy coffee spots in different areas.

Dutch Bros is the place to grab your quick sips out west.

We REALLY enjoyed the fun drinks and AWESOME customer service at EVERY Dutch Bros location we tried.

And apparently Scooters has you covered in the Midwest for your super fast Drive-Thru Coffee needs.

Candy Bar Lattes were their current special, so we ordered up a Kit Kat and a Snickers.

As pictured here at the gas station pump, another tank of coffee, another tank of fuel!

Drive on, y’all!

Homeward Bound!