Enjoying the Journey – Silverthorne, Colorado – 09/17/2018

Sometimes, a trip is about the destination.

Sometimes, you can find even greater beauty just relaxing and enjoying the journey.

These shots were taken from Interstate 70 in Silverthorne, Colorado on our slow, slow, meandering descent from Alaska back to Georgia. But, how amazing is it to see, the brightest blue end-of-summer skies, just starting to give way to the brilliant fall Alpine foliage.

When we left for Our Big 2018 Trip, it was still Spring. But now, the golden colors of fall beckon us to reflect upon all the time that has passed, and all the adventures we have experienced.

We have driven through Silverthorne many times, but still haven’t actually stayed in town or done anything there.

Hopefully that can change soon! It is breathtakingly gorgeous there and I can’t wait to go back and experience more of it’s Rocky Mountain majesty!

If you get there before we do, check out the website for the Town of Silverthorne for awesome things to do!


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