Arriving on Antelope Island for a Day of Fun! – Syracuse, Utah – 07/01/2012

If you’ll be in Northern Utah, in or near the Salt Lake City vicinity, Antelope Island State Park is a MUST!

Grand vistas of the Utah landscape await your family!

A beautiful visitor center offers a fun Antelope Island Junior Ranger Program from the Utah State Park System.

And, once you set off to explore, you will find hiking, rock scrambling, the beaches of the Great Salt Lake, Bison herds, and other unique local wildlife!

If you’ll be visiting multiple Utah State Parks, which I’d highly encourage you to consider, I’d recommend the purchase of a Utah State Park Annual Pass. We did, and it was worth every penny!

Make sure you check out All the Units of the Utah State Park System!

Utah is well known for The Mighty Five National Parks, but many of their State Parks are also stunning!

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