Gorgeous Handmade Navajo Jewelry – Wendover, Utah – 09/15/2018

We all have our weaknesses. One of mine is handmade jewelry that represents the history, culture and spirit of an area or its people. I can easily get lost in perusing all the unique, beautiful pieces from a local artist, and I always want to buy as many as the budget allows. And then, maybe a few more! On this day, passing through the Bonneville Salt Flats of Western Utah, we chanced across a warm, jovial gentleman from the Navajo Nation selling these breathtakingly gorgeous creations made by his wife and daughters. Narrowing down a few selections from his plethora…

Bonneville Salt Flats – Wendover, Utah – 09/15/2018

Chancing across the Bonneville Salt Flats and the Bonneville Salt Flats International Speedway was another unexpectedly awesome gem of a find on the slow but lovely ride back East! Over 30,000 acres of wide open salt fields surround Interstate 80, just East of the Nevada / Utah Border. Remnants of Pleistocene-Era Lake Bonneville, this is the largest area of salt flats west of the Great Salt Lake. And it definitely looks and feels like you are traversing ancient lands, or even the alien surfaces of distant planets! The area is open to the public for general frolicking and enjoyment. There…

Horseback Riding in Zion National Park – Springdale, Utah – 07/19/2012

If you are looking for a unique, and absolutely unforgettable way to experience Zion National Park, consider doing so on horseback! Canyon Trail Rides takes you on a sightseeing excursion like no other!

Zion Canyon Shuttle Bus – Zion National Park – Springdale, Utah – 07/04/2012

We are frequently asked which National Park is our favorite. Out of the larger NPS Units, Zion, is, by far, my personal favorite. It is stunning. My heart is happiest amongst the Red Rocks… As the person who is always driving on our journeys, I especially enjoy being able to take advantage of the Shuttle Bus through Zion Canyon, so I can sit back, relax, enjoy the scenery, and snap some fun photos!

Riverside Walk – Zion National Park – Springdale, Utah – 07/04/2012

In Zion National Park, the Riverside Walk offers a pleasant stroll along the Virgin River, as it meanders through jaw-dropping red sandstone cliffs… You can walk along easy, well-maintained paths; and at any point, the kids can play in the shallow, bubbling river that parallels the trail. The trail starts at the Temple of Sinawava, which is the last Shuttle Bus Stop at the end of the road into Zion Canyon. For about 2 miles, things remain easily accessible. If you want to continue farther into the Narrows, make sure you do your homework on that, and come prepared with…

Hiking the Weeping Rock Trail – Zion National Park – Springdale, Utah – 07/04/2012

Weeping Rock is a lovely trail, with a magnificent destination! It is definitely a trail that I highly recommend to families visiting Zion National Park with kids of any age. It is uphill on the way to Weeping Rock, but it’s not unbearable. And then, it’s all downhill on the way back! But, the unique rock formation; the hanging gardens of moss and greenery; and the wildlife and wildflowers along the way, are well worth the time and effort! I also highly recommend the Emerald Pools Trail, and any length of distance you are up for on the Virgin River…

The Road to Zion – Zion National Park – Springdale, Utah – 07/04/2012

From Springdale, along Utah 9, east into the Western Entrance of Zion National Park. It’s Independence Day! No better way to celebrate freedom, then inside such a breathtakingly majestic National Park! America, the beautiful, indeed!

Hiking the Lava Fields of Snow Canyon State Park – St. George, Utah 07/02/2012

Of all the things we do, hiking volcanoes generally tops my list of absolute all-time favorites. And Snow Canyon State Park is my absolute all-time favorite State Park! Red Sandstone, Slot Canyons, Lava Fields… So much is happening here, and its all hands-on easily accessible fun for the kids! Going to be in or passing through Southern Utah in the vicinity of St. George, or Zion National Park? Definitely leave some time in your schedule to explore Snow Canyon State Park! It might just become YOUR favorite Utah State Park as well!

Jenny’s Canyon – Snow Canyon State Park – St. George, Utah – 07/02/2012

Snow Canyon State Park is our all-time FAVORITE State Park in the entire United States! Just west of St. George, Utah, you’ll find everything from Red Rock Slot Canyons, to Sandstone Cliffs, Fields of Ancient Lava Formations, Pioneer Writing, and tons of desert plants and wildlife! If you are passing through Southern Utah, perhaps heading to our from Zion National Park or Bryce Canyon National Park, be sure to add Snow Canyon State Park to your itinerary!

Hiking to Jenny’s Canyon – Snow Canyon State Park – St. George, Utah – 07/02/2012

Ah, Snow Canyon State Park in St. George, Utah. Truly one of our favorite places on this planet. Most people come through this area headed for Zion National Park. But, I always urge them to consider some time in St. George to check out the awesomeness that Snow Canyon has to offer! This particular hike to Jenny’s Canyon is a short walk to a petite slot canyon. Hiking, rock climbing, and just hanging out in the desert amidst the glorious grandeur of all the red rock formations! Life doesn’t get much better in my book!

Sunset on the Great Salt Lake – Bridger Bay at Antelope Island State Park – Syracuse, Utah – 07/01/2012

The reflective properties of the heavily salinated water of the Great Salt Lake make for some FABULOUS sunset views and photos! This truly is one of the more stunning spots I have ever watched the sun sink into the horizon below. Do you try to catch sunrises and sunsets on your vacations? The other-worldly ambiance of watching such a brilliantly hued celestial event right before your very eyes is the stuff of which family memories are made! And sunsets at Antelope Island State Park are some of the most magical, indeed! Check out ALL of Our Adventures on Antelope Island!…

Exploring the Great Salt Lake at Bridger Bay – Antelope Island State Park – Syracuse, Utah – 07/01/2012

After a day of hiking, rock scrambling, birding, wildlife viewing, and Junior Rangering throughout Antelope Island State Park, we’re finally here, along the sandy shores of the Great Salt Lake! If you know anything about the Great Salt Lake, I’m not going to sugarcoat it and tell you it’s a lovely day at the beach. Because, well, it might LOOK absolutely stunning…. But, the “noseeums” are a rather pesky species of insect that resides in the sand, thus making your time on the beach more of a wild safari experience, instead of a quaint time to relax and unwind. And,…

Wildlife Viewing Along Buffalo Point Trail – Antelope Island State Park – Syracuse, Utah – 07/01/2012

Bison, Coyotes, Antelope, and Mule Deer, oh my! Wildlife is everywhere on Antelope Island! And Buffalo Point Trail is an excellent choice to see it all! Check out ALL of Our Adventures on Antelope Island! Or, better yet, check out Everything We’ve Done in the Gorgeous State of Utah! Looking for travel inspiration for your own vacation planning? Check out our Utah QUIKLISTS! If you need Utah travel books, CLICK HERE, or on any photo below!

Rock Scrambling Along Lady Finger Point Trail – Antelope Island State Park – Syracuse, Utah – 07/01/2012

Even to the day you are reading this post, rock scrambling along Lady Finger Point Trail at Antelope Island State Park remains one of our favorite things we have ever done together as a family. My kids absolutely LOVED every second of climbing, scrambling, scooting, and hiking through these fun rock formations along the coast of the Great Salt Lake. If your kids love to rock climb, consider a trip to Antelope Island State Park, and take some time to play along the Lady Finger Point Trail! I hope you love it as much as my crew did! Lady Finger…

Junior Rangering at Antelope Island State Park – Syracuse, Utah – 07/01/2012

The Utah State Park System has a great Junior Ranger Program, just like those in the National Park System, that allows the kids to explore each park, and earn a REAL badge when they complete a book of awesome activities! Antelope Island State Park has a beautiful, state-of-the-art Visitor Center, full of hands-on exhibits and unique learning opportunities. And the park itself is loaded with plants, wildlife, birding, hiking, rock scrambling, and beach exploration along the shores of the Great Salt Lake! After you arrive at Antelope Island State Park, make sure you grab a Junior Ranger Book for each…

Arriving on Antelope Island for a Day of Fun! – Syracuse, Utah – 07/01/2012

If you’ll be in Northern Utah, in or near the Salt Lake City vicinity, Antelope Island State Park is a MUST! Grand vistas of the Utah landscape await your family! A beautiful visitor center offers a fun Antelope Island Junior Ranger Program from the Utah State Park System. And, once you set off to explore, you will find hiking, rock scrambling, the beaches of the Great Salt Lake, Bison herds, and other unique local wildlife! If you’ll be visiting multiple Utah State Parks, which I’d highly encourage you to consider, I’d recommend the purchase of a Utah State Park Annual…

Capitol Reef National Park – Torrey, Utah – 06/07/2010

Cruising the Utah backroads, Utah Highway 12 runs into Utah Highway 24 in Torrey. From here you can head East, towards the general direction of Arches and Canyonlands, by first passing through Capitol Reef! Capitol Reef National Park is another unit of the Utah Mighty 5, along with Zion, Bryce Canyon, Arches, and Canyonlands. As all of the Utah parks do, Capitol Reef boasts even more unimaginably beautiful scenic vistas of geologic splendor. You can hike and explore rock formations, wildlife, desert plants, and even ancient Native American Petroglyphs from the Fremont people that lived in the area from about…

Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument – Escalante, Utah – 06/07/2010

Alas, we must begin the homeward-bound trek back to Tennessee. But, we’re not done yet! Meandering your way through Utah 12, All American Road, and pretty much THE most scenic route in the Continental United States, you remain enveloped in pure sensory bliss. Mountains, cliffs, buttes, plateaus, of all shapes, colors, and sizes… The winding road, around every corner, offers you yet more unfathomably gorgeous vistas… Rock formations that may as well be from another planet! There are few words to do any of this justice! Yep, that means you definitely have to experience Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument…

Sunset Point – Bryce Canyon National Park – Bryce Canyon, Utah – 06/07/2010

Bryce Canyon National Park, one of the Mighty 5 National Parks of Utah, is a breathtaking expanse of geologic amphitheater, boasting countless red rock “hoodoos” that rise proudly from below. It’s definitely a unique experience. And gorgeous! We still haven’t done as much hiking here with the kids as I would like. It’s quite easy to get DOWN into the canyon, but getting back out can be a little tougher. I haven’t experienced a full range of trails here, so I don’t know what all is available. There may be some easier hikes more ideal for younger feet. But, do…

Bryce Canyon Tipi Camping! – Bryce Canyon National Park – Bryce Canyon Utah – 06/06/2010

We love all of our adventures, no matter how big or small, but sometimes you do come across something just a little bit cooler, and a whole lot more unique! On this particular journey into Bryce Canyon National Park, we were fortunate enough to secure a Tipi at Ruby’s Inn! Ah! It was so much fun! At Ruby’s, you can also take advantage of the pool and on-site facilities of the RV Campground. So, we took a little evening swim, and then retired to our tipi to tell scary stories by flashlight! Waking up the next morning, I will say,…

Leaving Zion – Zion National Park – Orderville, Utah – 06/06/2010

And, that’s a wrap, folks! We headed out the Eastern part of Zion National Park, and upwards, on to Bryce Canyon National Park! We love the Utah Mighty 5!

Junior Ranger Ceremony – Zion National Park – Springdale, Utah – 06/06/2010

Another day of fabulous National Park adventures means another Junior Ranger Badge! Lots of hard work, learning cool things about the plants, wildlife, history, and geology of Zion National Park! We love our Junior Ranger Books!

Virgin River Along the Temple of Sinawava and Riverside Walk Trails – Zion National Park – Springdale, Utah – 06/06/2010

No matter what adventures we get into while visiting Zion National Park, a day isn’t a day without spending time splashing and frolicking in the Virgin River! Because the best part of family adventure, is giving the kids a chance to be kids! We all want to DO as much as we can. But, don’t forget to laugh, and play, and relax, and ENJOY! These small moments are where the REAL memories are made!

Lower Emerald Pool Along the Emerald Pools Trail – Zion National Park – 06/06/2010

If you are looking for a kid-friendly hike in Zion National Park, there are so many to choose from! Across from the Zion Lodge at Shuttle Stop 5, you will find the start of the Emerald Pools Trail! The first part of this trail is paved and fairly easy, leading to the Lower Emerald Pool; thus making these falls a great hiking experience for all skill levels! From here, the trail also connects to the Kayenta, and Upper Emerald Pool Trails. If you are looking for more adventure, check them out as well! It’s on my Bucket List to traverse…

Emerald Pools Trail – Zion National Park – Springdale, Utah – 06/06/2010

Another lovely trail in Zion National Park that is great for parents with younger kids is the Emerald Pools Trail. There are multiple segments to this trail, so if you have members of your party that crave even more adventure, you can continue along the path to see even more grandeur! If you’ve got littles and a shorter adventure is what you seek, the Lower Emerald Pools make an excellent destination! Click on any photo or link to learn more!

Visitor Center and Shuttle Bus Ride – Zion National Park – Springdale, Utah – 06/06/2010

From checking out the Visitor Center exhibits, to taking in the awe-inspiring scenery along the Shuttle Bus Route, our adventures in Zion National Park are just getting started! Join us for more Family-Friendly Adventures in Zion National Park! Click on any photo to learn more about Zion National Park!