Gorgeous Handmade Navajo Jewelry – Wendover, Utah – 09/15/2018

We all have our weaknesses. One of mine is handmade jewelry that represents the history, culture and spirit of an area or its people.

I can easily get lost in perusing all the unique, beautiful pieces from a local artist, and I always want to buy as many as the budget allows. And then, maybe a few more!

On this day, passing through the Bonneville Salt Flats of Western Utah, we chanced across a warm, jovial gentleman from the Navajo Nation selling these breathtakingly gorgeous creations made by his wife and daughters.

Narrowing down a few selections from his plethora of choices was very difficult, but the ones we selected included Turquoise with a Butterfly Pendant to represent our beloved Ribby; Hematite with a Bald Eagle, which is also another symbol of our precious River Sivanne; Hematite with a STUNNING Moonstone Pendant; and, one of my all time favorite colors and stones, Malachite in its brilliantly pleasing shades of green and black.

We will forever cherish these works of art as memories of a wonderful trip; the warm serendipity of a genuine human connection with an old, kind soul; and a link between the here and now, always remembering our loved ones that we will someday hold again.

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