Second Nature!

Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge in Sequim, Washington

If you are reading this, you probably know and love our wonderful National Park Service, and have enjoyed some quality family time partaking in the educational and recreational opportunities our National Treasures provide!

But, if you love nature and the outdoors, there are TONS of other great destinations that might not be so quick to come to mind when planning your family’s adventures!

We’ve also got:

154 National Forests!

Over 500 National Wildlife Refuges!

National Fish Hatcheries

Waterfowl Production Areas

Wildlife Management Areas

Wetland Management Districts


Many of these units are managed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service through the Department of the Interior.

National Forests are maintained by the US Forest Service, as administered by the US Department of Agriculture.

The first National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1903 by President Theodore Roosevelt, and since then, this extensive network of public lands remains dedicated to the conservation of many kinds of wildlife and their respective habitats.

But you can also find great recreational opportunities, as well as resources for learning, throughout a large portion of over 150 million acres of these diverse ecological communities!

National Forests boast birding, wildlife viewing, trail hiking, and often, fun and affordable campgrounds!

Many units also offer Junior Ranger Programs; as well as other badges, patches, programs, and guided and self-guided activities.

We will highlight all of those for you as well!

Do you have a favorite destination on these lists?

Have you participated in a fun program, or earned a cool reward in the process?

Be sure to share your pics!

Let us know what you love!