Following the River’s Current And Other Short Stories – Andrew Aughenbaugh

Following the River’s Current and Other Short Stories

Andrew Aughenbaugh

While in Alaska and Western Canada this past summer, the kids and I went through our fair share of tires!

In about 6 months of adventuring, we had to deal with 19 flats!

Now, most of the time, I can manage changing a tire and mounting the spare myself with no problem.

But one morning, deep in the heart of some of the roughest Alaskan interior you could fathom, we were panning for gold in the Fortymile River Region, North of Chicken, and South of Eagle…

With nary a fellow human to be found, I was absolutely devastated when the tire accident du jour was more than I could handle on my own…

I didn’t even know what to do.

So, Trillian and I set off walking down the road to see about wrangling some help.

Would it take hours? Days?

Would we even find help before our food and water supplies ran out?

We just didn’t know…

But, lo and behold, within a single minute, here comes a truck bouncing along…

And in that truck was Andy Aughenbaugh!

We flagged the truck down, and asked if they wouldn’t mind helping me remove my stubborn lugnuts so I could mount my spare…

But, Andy would have no such thing…


He did it even better!

This man had TOOLS like you would not believe!

Not only did he get the tire removed; but he plugged it, filled it, and remounted it, good as new!

He absolutely saved our butts that day…

Andy is DEFINITELY the guy you want on your side when meandering about the wilderness!

A true handyman!

And a brilliant, beautiful storyteller…

I could spend hours listening to him paint his amazing adventures…

And I was so very fortunate to be able to do just that!

Now, if you aren’t as lucky to have had Andy save you personally, have no fear!

You can read this first collection of his stories here in

Following the River’s Current and Other Short Stories by Andrew Aughenbaugh!

It’s just $5.99 for paperback or $2.99 for the Kindle edition.

And it won’t even cost you a tire!

And my personal suggestion is to get this book ordered and enjoyed ASAP, because he’s getting ready to publish his next collection of incredible journeys! And, from what I hear, he might be telling his version of the same afternoon you just read about here!

How cool is that?

The Book According to Andy:

When we leave our front door and head toward the forest, lakes or rivers, be it hunting, canoeing, fishing or hiking, we often embark on a journey with unknown expectations. During these times, through the clarity of the natural world, what we often find out about ourselves is not as we expected. Sometimes holding true to one’s true self can be extremely difficult in today’s world. Frequently however, through the natural world we find reward for being true to ourselves.

This collection of short stories explores this connection of man and nature through outdoor activities such as hunting, canoeing, fishing and exploring hikes. Through my life journey, I have found the most important self-reflecting moments have come while in the woods or on the water enjoying outdoor activities. I believe being out in natural widens the communication channel between us and God. This collection of both reflective and humor short stories suggests this sentiment. In each of the stories, the characters go out to enjoy an outdoor activity such as a canoe float, a deer hunt or a hike to a hot spring not necessarily in search for anything more than an enjoyable adventure. What they often find is a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.

You can also head to Andy’s website Augie’s Adventures to learn more about his inspiring journeys, view his breathtaking photography, and check out the tools and gear he uses along the way!