BIOGRAPHY: Who Was? / Who Is? Book Series – Great for History Lessons, Book Reports, or Preparing for Upcoming Travels!

The Who Was? / Who Is? Series of biographical accounts for young readers is a FABULOUS way to cover all sorts of people and events throughout history!

World Leaders, Spiritual Leaders, Royalty, Explorers, Discoverers, Military Heads, Presidents, First Ladies, Judges, Chefs, Architects, Designers, Artists, Authors, Journalists, Athletes, Olympians, Fashion Icons, Entrepreneurs, Singers, Musicians, Dancers, Actors, Directors, Comedians, Educators, Thinkers, Innovators, Scientists, Inventors, Doctors, Wildlife Advocates, Civil Rights Leaders, Significant Native Americans, Suffragettes, Environmental Activists, Peacekeepers, Changemakers, Heroes, and more!

Fun reading, lively photos, and interesting accounts bring hundreds of characters to life right before your child’s eyes!

Geared for elementary readers, these titles are great for enhancing history lessons, book reports, group reading, independent reading, and more!

But, most parents agree, the accounts are written well enough that even younger and older readers will also enjoy!

Are you a Roadschooler, Worldschooler, or a family that loves to travel to learn? These books are valuable resources for preparing the kids for upcoming destinations, or expanding upon adventures you’ve already experienced!

Check out this (mostly) alphabetical list of titles and accompanying educational resources to find someone or something that might interest your kids today!

As I’ve been compiling this list, I’ve even learned a lot!

We’ve collected and read many of these titles over the years. And I see a lot more that I would love to grab and use as a springboard to learn even more!

How about you?

Who will you learn about next?!

Where will you go to learn?

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AND these really cool books!

Who Is Sonia Sotomayor?

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