Happy Thanksgiving! Spending a Lovely Morning with Maple Tahini Sourdough and Turmeric Ginger Sourdough from Bishop Breads! – Athens, Georgia to Comer, Georgia – 11/25/2021

Have you ever gone hiking with two loaves of bread?

That’s exactly what we did on this lovely Thanksgiving Morning!

We are so very fortunate to know a very beautiful soul by the name of Julie.

And Julie bakes the most unique, gorgeous, and amazingly delicious breads we’ve ever had!

Julie bakes everything fresh, and by special order only, so we headed over bright and early this morning to pick up a rectangle loaf of Maple Tahini Sourdough and a round loaf of Turmeric Ginger Sourdough.

These breads are absolute beauties to behold…

They have HEARTS on them!


They are all vegan!

After we grabbed our breads, we decided to go on a Thanksgiving Hike at Watson Mill Bridge State Park in Comer, Georgia.

The fall colors were so stunning, I knew they would make the perfect backdrop for some snapshots of our bread bounty.

It was simply my way of trying to capture in a photo just how much we love these breads!

If you need gorgeous sourdough breads in a variety of exquisite flavors from which to choose, give Julie with Bishop Breads a call today!

Your Family’s Holiday Table will be so glad you did!

On this day, we are thankful, indeed, for Bishop Breads!

Click on any photo below to learn more about Bishop Breads!

Bishop Breads is a Vegan Cottage Bakery in the Athens, Georgia area. In addition to these incredible breads, she also offers vegan cakes and vegan cookies!

Beautiful, Delicious, Healthy, Sustainable, Cruelty-Free


By a wonderful lady that gives so much back to our community.

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