Midnight Snack: Trader Joe’s Seeded Bread with Piedmont Provisions Carrot Bourbon Orange Marmalade and Vanilla Blueberry Preserves – Athens, Georgia – 06/12/2020

Mmmm! One of my favorite breads EVER! Especially for something that came from a grocery store!

I will update when I can remember what the heck it was called!

But, it was from Trader Joe’s, that much I know, and I thought it literally was called Trader Joe’s Healthy Bread, but I can’t seem to verify that right now!

But, the yummy goodness we topped it with is from a local company here in Athens, known as Piedmont Provisions.

They are regulars on the Farmers’ Market scene throughout Georgia, and they have their own shop in Winterville, Georgia. They make small batch preserves, vinegars, and shrubs.

We recently picked up the Carrot Bourbon Orange Marmalade and the Blueberry Vanilla Preserves, and love both of them!

Pictured in the unlabeled jar is a Pepper Jelly by Jean’s What-Nots, also of Athens, Georgia. Jean is another source we hit up regularly for canned jams, jellies, and preserves, as well as pickles and other pickled and preserved fruits and veggies!