The Path to Spring Castle at Rock Island State Park – Rock Island, Tennessee – 03/29/2016

In the heart of Rock Island State Park, Spring Castle is a quaint little late 19th century-era structure, that remains today, looking quite magical, and even fairy-like, upon the hill on which it towers!

Back in the day, it’s much more practical purpose likely consisted of providing refrigeration for the workers of the adjacent Falls City Cotton Mill.

But, for now, it is, indeed, a majestic Fairy Castle deep in the enchanted woods!

We’ve been working our way through the beautiful units of the Tennessee State Park System.

Today’s adventures took us climbing, hiking, scrambling, waterfalling, and playing on the beach at Rock Island State Park in Rock Island, Tennessee!

What a wonderful collection of adventures, and the kids had such a great time enjoying their hands-on fun in The Great Outdoors!

I think we could all use a little more unstructured time outside, just playing, exploring, digging, building, pretending… Just living naturally…

Enjoying life.

Enjoying each other.

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