Reciprocating Kindness – Athens, Georgia – 06/25/2019

One of my greatest joys in life is spreading kindness.

I’ve always done it.

But, now, it’s even more of a way of life for us, because we want kindness spread far and wide in Ribby’s honor.

Today, a little kindness I set out into the universe came back to me.

And it couldn’t have come on a day when I needed it more.

Today marks three years since the accident that ultimately took Ribby’s precious life.

So, this bright, beautiful bouquet may have just been a simple thank you from a client. But, to me, on this day, it means SO much more.

When the flower delivery guy came rolling up in the driveway, it was almost embarrassing as I explained to him he must have had the wrong address. His kind, jovial laugh when he assured me he was indeed in the right place, choked me up a bit.

You see, you don’t do nice things for nice things to happen to you.

But, when they do,

It really does humble you.