Mommin’ Some Birthday Magic with a Cheesecake CrazyShake® From Black Tap Las Vegas – Inside The Venetian Resort – Las Vegas, Nevada – 12/05/2019

The girls decided to treat me to some awesome Vegas Birthday Magic!

Dinner and Dessert at Black Tap Vegas inside The Venetian Resort!

Our first experience with Black Tap was in the heart of New York City, but we fell in love with the EXTREME Craft Burgers and CrazyShake® Milkshakes!

When in Vegas, you have to do Birthday Magic RIGHT, and Black Tap is a lusciously delicious choice indeed!

Somewhere, I do have more photos of the entire meal, but for now, revel in the awesomeness that is a Black Tap CrazyShake®!

Happy Crazy Magic Birthday to Me!

Interested in bringing Black Tap Magic to YOUR Kitchen?

Click on the photo for the Black Tap Cookbook!

EXTREME Craft Burgers and CrazyShakes in the comfort of your own home!

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