Opening Day at the Athens Farmers Market – Athens, Georgia – 03/23/2019

Yay! It was Opening Day at the Athens Farmers Market in Bishop Park in Athens, Georgia. We’ve been looking forward to this event for QUITE a while!

We absolutely LOVE all things fresh produce, but, surprisingly, incorporating purchases from Farmers Markets is a relatively newer thing for us.

And I am even more ashamed to admit that, because, growing up, my Grandfather ran a produce stand in Martinez, Georgia; and I have countless fond memories of spending afternoons with him while he worked.

Setting up tempting displays of the brightest tomatoes or the greenest peppers; helping customers make their selections; ringing up their purchases; and helping load their delicious goodies into their cars… All under the proud eyes of my Papaw… Getting a little misty-eyed thinking about it now…

As an adult, maybe I always figured Farmers Markets were too expensive; I’m not even sure why I’ve been intimidated by them. But, while we were in Oregon this past summer, we were on a quest to enjoy as much fresh produce as we could get our hands on in the gorgeously fertile Willamette Valley Region.

We had SO much fun perusing goods in different markets along the West Coast. Trying new things, learning new recipes… And best of all? We were loading up carts and carts of the most amazing fresh produce, for tiny fractions of what some of that stuff would have cost in a grocery store.

So, do you Farmers Market?


Interacting with your community, supporting local farmers, artisans, and entrepreneurs… Getting GREAT healthy food for your family…

You can’t go wrong!

And we are STOKED that it is once again Farmers Market Season in Athens…

Our tummies are ready to be treated with all this fresh, local Georgia Goodness!