Condor Chocolates Opens Downtown Choco Coffee Roasters Cafe + Factory Experience! – Athens, Georgia – 11/29/2021

After a great deal of anticipation, the sweetest new thing in Athens is finally here!

On Washington Street, in the heart of Downtown Athens, Georgia, Condor Chocolates has just opened it’s brand new Choco Coffee Roasters Cafe + Factory!

Gorgeously outfitted in a rustic-meets-modern industrial chic vibe, this counter service cafe offers all your favorite Condor brand chocolate truffles; chocolate bars; drinking chocolate; hot cocoa; locally-roasted coffee and espresso; and so much more!

As convenient as the new downtown location may be, though, don’t just rush in and rush out!

Grab your favorite hot or cold beverage from their extensive drink menu, and delight in the presence of artisan chocolatiers creating impeccable confections right before your very eyes!

Informative signage guides you through the bean-to-bar chocolate-making process, where you can see the Condor Antique Roaster, Sorter, Cocoa Winnower, Melanger, and Tempering Machines all playing their part to turn fine Ecuadorian cacao into the most luxuriously delicious chocolates.

Your taste buds will yearn with anticipation as the enrobing machine lovingly coats sweet, crunchy honeycomb toffee with hot, liquid chocolate.

Molten milk and dark chocolates are also poured into custom molds to form the iconic Condor bars; and both are used to coat their delectable signature seasonal truffle creations.

Stay mesmerized as long as you like, but make sure you take some of your favorites home with you when you are done!

All Condor Chocolates products make great gifts for friends and family.

They have something for everyone!

They even have gift sets and branded merchandise such as mugs, shirts, and hats.

Or grab something from their baking line and create your own indulgent treats at home!

Most, if not all, of their current truffle flavors are gluten free, and the Raspberry and Bourbon truffles are vegan. *

Most of the dark chocolate bars are also vegan. *

*Always check directly with Condor for your specific dietary concerns.

Condor Chocolates Choco Coffee Roasters Downtown Cafe + Factory

160 E. Washington Street
Athens, Georgia

Condor Chocolates Original Five Points Location
1658 S. Lumpkin St
Athens, Georgia 30606

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