1000 Faces Coffee Brew School: Coffee & Chocolate Sensory Tasting – Athens, Georgia – 02/23/2019

We LOVE coffee and chocolate of ALL kinds, don’t get me wrong.

But, we are constantly honing our skills to that of professional level connoisseurs.

When we say something is good, and that you should check it out, we mean it!

And we want you to trust us!

With that being said, Trillian and I experienced our first Brew School as hosted by 1000 Faces Coffee in Athens, Georgia.

We were blown away with the absolute professionalism and astounding knowledge of our fabulous Brew School Host, Julie.

Julie isn’t just a barista pulling extra hours, and smiling big for the tip jar. She is a HIGHLY educated professional with an illustrious background in Food Science and Sensory Perception, particularly as it pertains to chemistry and the medical field.

I think Trillian just found her calling in life!

Heck, it makes me want to go back to school!

But, for now, back to the experience of the evening:

Julie introduced us to the standards of Professional Tasting, and we used those standards to savor different coffees representing regions throughout South America, Central America, and Africa.

Complementing the taste notes of these coffees, Julie prepared chocolate truffles to mirror the flavors we were recognizing.

Coffee is WAY more than a morning cuppa’ Joe.

WAY more than diner sludge, or watered down gas-station Styrofoam cups with powdered cream.

With Julie guiding us to fully indulge in the flavors at hand, our tasting journey took us through light florals, dried fruits, malted grains, spices, stonefruits, and even into essences of sesame and smoky muscadine.

So, next time YOU are enjoying YOUR cuppa,

Close your eyes and really FEEL what your mouth is experiencing.

Think your way through what your senses are registering.


So many thanks to 1000 Faces Coffee for being great local purveyors of amazing coffee. Thanks to Condor Chocolates, for their role in providing Athens with an equally distinguished chocolate palate. And we give our absolute, utmost gratitude to the brilliant Julie for teaching us how to better appreciate our favorite things in life; as well as sharing enough about her professional education and noteworthy background to give us much to consider in what we are bringing YOU, our readers!

Coffee IS indeed a love language!