Bambu Desserts & Drinks – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 12/13/2018

On our Philadelphia Quest for Boba Tea, we found Bambu.

I didn’t realize until just now this is an actual franchise with multiple locations throughout the country. So, that’s good, right? You don’t have to wait until you get to Philly to try some Bambu for yourself!

I also didn’t realize that we seriously underestimated our drink choices in this place. They certainly do offer an extensive array of Milk Teas and Boba add-ins, and that was fantastic. But being a more Vietnamese-inspired menu, I really feel like I should have taken more time to peruse the flavor options and make some bolder selections to try something incredibly unique.

I mean, seriously, check out this MENU!

If you think of how cute and colorful these combinations LOOK, just imagine how they would TASTE!

In addition to the Boba Teas we ordered, Bambu also serves distinctive Asian-inspired Chè, Vietnamese coffees, exotic fruit smoothies, and unique juices. They have TONS of house-special choices on the menu, or you can custom order just about anything you want, and they’ll make sure you love it!

So, my suggestion, go for the Boba if you want.

But, be better than us, and try something even more colorful and unique!

Let us know which drinks YOU love!

The address to the Philly location is:

600 Washington Ave #9
Philadelphia, PA 19147

But check out their other LOCATIONS to find a Bambu near YOU!

Young girl in a blue striped shirt with very long light blonde hair wearing a black mask and black headband, standing in front of a pink flower filled background, holding a cup of purple taro coconut bubble tea in one hand, and an orange thai coconut bubble tea in the other hand. Both have black tapioca boba balls in the bottom.

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