Original Starbucks at Pike Place Market – Seattle, Washington – 08/30/2018

Typically speaking, we prefer our coffee shop experiences a little more “local” but when in Seattle, you HAVE to grab a cuppa from the Starbucks Flagship Store! Located in the Pike Place Market, THE Original Starbucks is a must on any Coffee Lover’s agenda!

The lines are long, so be prepared for a wait. We decided to let it be the last thing we did on our evening in Seattle, and that was a smart move. By the time we got back, just before they closed, most of the chaos had cleared out; and it almost felt like a regular coffee shop experience.

The baristas were actually very warm and friendly, and did a great job keeping the lines moving and the coffee pouring.

It was a fun visit, and we grabbed some Starbucks swag for the take-home!