School Bus Graveyard 2021 – Alto, Georgia – 02/12/2021

Since the last time we visited the School Bus Graveyard in January of 2020, we’ve been wondering if the art always stayed the same, or if they ever switched any out.

It’s a tough call, because it is certainly fun to witness fresh creations. But, also bittersweet to see old works of art painted over with something else.

But, the answer is, yes, there ARE new designs for 2021 at the School Bus Graveyard!

And some of them are pretty incredible!

Check out Drake Arnold’s White Tiger with its stunning blue eyes!

And NACK and ARM’s infamous little faces adorn all the nooks and crannies!

I definitely miss the work of Fawne DeRosia, and her awesome Sun Bus.

But, check out our other photos to view the 2020 School Bus Graveyard Collection, where each masterpiece will forever live in infamy!

Some buses look like they are being prepped for newer designs, so we’ll have to check it out again soon!

If you like Street Art, click on any photo to check out cool Street Art Coloring Books, for kids and adults!

The School Bus Graveyard is a junk yard in Alto, Georgia, full of old school buses that have been painted up by talented artists in and around the Athens, Georgia area.

Alto is a small town about an hour north northwest out of Athens.

If you are coming from Atlanta, Interstate 85, splits into I-985, which eventually becomes US23 / GA365.

And just a hair past Jae-Mor Farms, you will find The School Bus Graveyard, an incredibly unique gem of a place!

If you visit, bring a camera!

And make sure you follow the rules and respect the property, including parking in the proper spots.

It is private property, and the artists have put a great deal of time and effort into their work.

And they also want you to be safe.

If you have any questions, check out the School Bus Graveyard Facebook Page, and contact the owners.

Other than that,


If you like the art you see in the photos below, consider checking out the artists and supporting them!

NACK from Crispy Printz in Athens, GA is a legend in these parts! His fun creations can be found all over town! He offers stickers, t-shirts, original works, portraits, and more!

They even have a t-shirt specifically for The School Bus Graveyard!

Drake Arnold of Fractal Spirit is another multi-talented artist that does digital design and animation, as well as painting.

Fractal Spirit offers an extensive collection of Arnold’s designs on clothing and merchandise. He also offers a large selection of originals, prints, and fine art pieces.

And, of course a special shout out to Cody Fortson, another prominent Athens area graphic artist. If I ever find a link to his art, I will post it here!

This page contains affiliate links. We may earn a small commission from your purchases at no extra cost to you. These commissions help keep SPGFAN rolling! THANK YOU!!

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