Ice Cream Sandwiches from Lil’ Ice Cream Dude’s Cool World Ice Cream Shop – Athens Georgia – 03/31/2020

It’s not easy living in a pandemic world…

But, Lil’ Ice Cream Dude’s awesome ice cream sandwiches help make it a whole lot cooler!

Whenever we have to run out for errands, we always do our best to support a small, local business along the way.

Today, we decided to stop by and pick up some delicious treats from our local Ice Cream Celebrity, Mr. Beau Shell, himself.

Their order-online, curbside delivery service was seamlessly executed.

We placed our order, paid, and waited for the door to open!

Freshly prepared ice cream sandwiches were ready much sooner than the app even told us they would be!


Sooooo good!

Be safe out there, y’all!

And next time you’re in Athens, Georgia, stay cool with Cool World!