Fort Smith National Cemetery – Fort Smith, Arkansas – 12/01/2019

Continuing our experience at Fort Smith National Historic Site, we were led here, to to the Fort Smith National Cemetery.

Notable interments here include:

  • W.H.H. Clayton, lawyer and judge in post-Civil War Arkansas
  • Brigadier General William Orlando Darby, World War II veteran, leader of Darby’s Rangers
  • Jack Fleck, World War II Navy veteran and professional golfer
  • Richard C. Gatlin, Civil War Confederate general
  • James M. McIntosh, Civil War Confederate brigadier general
  • Isaac C. Parker, U.S. representative, frontier judge known as “The Hanging Judge”
  • Hal Smith, United States Air Force veteran and MLB catcher
  • Alexander E. Steen, Missouri State Guard (Confederate) general

Cemeteries, in my opinion, offer the rawest, purest form of interacting with REAL history.

Sharing a moment of silence in honor of people who sacrificed everything, will absolutely impart the greatest of appreciation, respect, compassion, and understanding.

And we all need a little more of all of those things.

In death, let there be life.

With loss, we must find gain.

For each generation,

Let them learn,

Let them live,

Let them LOVE.